Great! How has the experience with your partners been so far? How did you find them in the beginning? How has the relationship with them developed over time? At xChange, we’re excited to help you find even more partners like these! 

If you know a few companies that can help you on a specific stretch: great! But imagine how much the probability of finding containers or partners for repositioning increases when you have 300+ partners instead of only a few.

Even prominent players, who are now on xChange, such as Seaco Global or Kuehne + Nagel had cabotage agreements in place in the past but have now significantly increased their number of partners to more than 50 companies with the help of xChange. It is convenient for them to do business on the platform, but xChange also saves time, effort, and costs along the entire process e.g. drop off confirmations, per diems collection, insurance, or payment handling. 

To ensure your new partners are trustworthy, we run a rigorous vetting process and publish partner ratings on each company’s profile to give you more information before making a deal with a new partner. 

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