In general you have a few different sources for finding new partners in container logistics: You can use Google, your network, container brokers or you join Container xChange.

Just think of Airbnb → would you use Google to reach out to strangers and ask them if you can stay in their place for a few nights? Probably not! You trust Airbnb because they vet their members, handle the payment for you, provide insurance through Airbnb and you can read ratings & reviews from people that have booked an apartment in the past. 

In container logistics it’s the same! Finding a partner through Google is random, chances are high that you don’t find anyone you can trust with a good offer and it would most likely take ages to finalize a deal. Container brokers are better! They have their own network of partners they work with and can recommend a few people to you, but always charge a commission for that. Brokers are like the tour guide you book when you’re visiting Barcelona: Container brokers probably know a couple of good partners but if you need equipment in another location, you need to find someone else.

This is where Container xChange comes into play: the neutral online platform is your digital, cost-efficient and scalable container broker – without paying a commission on top of every container. Type in your locations to get a list of (vetted!) partners with performance ratings & partner reviews, monitor your deals online, benefit from services such as payment handling or container insurance → to make a long story short: With Container xChange you can organize one-way moves/ find SOC containers in almost no time at no risk. 

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