Do you want a freight container for sale but are having a tough time to find the best one? Don’t worry, we’ll help you find locations offering the best prices for new and used freight container for sale.

Finding a freight container could be a hassle for you, especially when you’re looking for credible partners. Skimming through pages after pages and surfing across the web could get draining, sometimes even irksome to find promotional “best for you” prices. 

But how about we tell you to sideline the chaos and opt for a neutral global marketplace to buy, sell and lease containers? Container xChange will help you navigate through the fluff and find the hot deals without charging an extra commission to get you in touch with the biggest shipping names. If you’re on your journey to find the perfect used or new box – this blog will help you get started.

To find a freight container for sale, you usually

  • go to google
  • search for containers
  • skim through the first few pages and zillion links on the internet
  • and finally shortlist a few of them

All of this to only fret over how reliable is the third party offering containers and what would be its commission in the process. What if, in some not-so-wild world, we direct you to an easier road. Because at xChange, you’ll not only find your perfect freight container for sale but also a commission-free service to trade, buy or sell them.

But once you get a genuine platform to buy, sell or lease containers, how can you pick the right one? Who’ll help you choose? Well – we will. 

How to pick your freight container for sale?

An ISO-approved freight container for sale comes in a diversity of options such as a 20ft DC container to a flat-rack container. But the purpose of both the containers hardly coincide. Other than the fact that they are both containers – you’ll hardly find a mutual ground. A 20ft DC helps you store dry cargo and is water resistant. On the other hand, a flat rack container’s aim is to carry bulky loads as heavy as 50,000 kg per freight.

Picking a freight container for sale might not look like a job you can swing as easy-peasy, but there’s a smoother road to finding yours – Container xChange! You get a range of containers from standard containers to specialized containers. 

To know how to pick yours, you need to know the purpose of your freight. It’ll help you weigh your options and make a wise call. You can also head to Container xChange to choose from over 10,000+ boxes. You can let us help you in securing the best deal by getting you in direct touch with vetted  shipping companies.

Locations offering the best prices for freight container for sale

If you’re wondering where to find new containers to buy, fret no more. We’ve curated a list of locations where you can get the best prices for a freight container for sale.


Rotterdam is one of the busiest places to find a freight container for sale. It offers the lowest price on 40ft HC containers for  as low as US $3,262.* 

Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles, known for freight loads and shipping companies crowding it offers the lowest price of 40ft DC drop to US $2,290.*


Located in India, Chennai is the recent buzz for having a new freight container for sale. The prices have plummeted to US $2,420.*

*These prices are as seen in the trading platform on xChange and are subject to change or fluctuate with time.

But if you’re wondering how to help your pockets further and get another option for the freight – there certainly is. Instead of opting for new containers at this price, you can choose a cargo worthy freight container for sale. 

Used freight container for sale 

Opting for a freight container on sale is a business decision that can impact your profitability directly. You can choose to make this process more cost-efficient by understanding the nitty gritty of your purpose. 

If you require a container for regular use, then it’s only understandable to get a new one. However, if you feel your purpose is constrained to a one way  trip – cargo worthy or used containers are your choice. 

Choosing a used freight container for sale can be a pocket-friendly solution to your quick need for shipping your cargo. Used freight containers lower your transporting cost, freeing up the budget for you to invest in other significant things. 

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Connect with xChange for the best prices on freight container for sale

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Container xChange has been one of the reliable names making its way to the top of the logistics industry. It offers 10,000+ containers and aids businesses to get in touch with the big players in this sector. This is why we endeavor to maintain our position in the market and help you with getting the best deals for a freight container for sale. 

We can help you get a better idea of your requirements. We enable you to have more clarity as we aid you in knowing more about container types, uses and purposes. For instance: if you’re confused about which size to pick for transporting heavy cargo or which type for temperature-sensitive cargo – we can advise you to choose the right one.

In addition to this, we connect you with our support team that takes you through our platform. So all your “how to sign up” or “which membership plan will suit me best” queries will be resolved over the call alongside other help that you can get. 

This further leads to you understanding your position in the container ecosystem and seeking help where you need it the most. 

Find shipping containers on sale with xChange

Sometimes, we can hardly bring ourselves to take the leap of faith – especially when it involves monetary investment for our business. This is where xChange steps in. You’ll be rest assured with us as we offer you vetted members and credible & registered shipping companies to make deals with. 

It’s easy for you to be a part of the xChange community and enjoy container deals and perks by simply going through a round of step-by-step involvement process. Become a member with us today and get your hands on the container you need and exactly where you need them. Start today with our basic free membership plan and check for yourself how easy it’s to fulfill your requirements. Every member on the platform goes through a mandatory vetting process before they join the platform. This helps you be sure that you’re only dealing with certified names in the industry. . 

With a presence across 2,500+ locations and 1,000+ members with over 10,000+ boxes to choose from, xChange will help you streamline your container needs in a way that fits your budget and requirements.

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Common FAQs : Freight container for sale

Are shipping containers waterproof?

A new 40 HC container in Rotterdam costs as per recent transactions in Container xChange costs US $3,245.

What's the cost of shipping containers?

Price of shipping containers can vary depending upon them being cargo worthy or new and other dimensions, requirements. A 20 DC container in Chennai, as per recent transactions on Container xChange, costs US $2,420.

What’s the price of a 20 feet container?

According to the recent observations and transactions at Container xChange for a 20 DC freight container for sale to Houston, TX costs US $2,852.

Are shipping containers waterproof?

Shipping containers are water-tight to prevent damage to the cargo.