How Magitu safely sells hundreds of containers worldwide

Magitu is an all-around container trading company from Lithuania with a branch office in Germany. On top of being a trading company, Magitu also offers logistics services such as depot services, repairment, and construction.

Magitu uses xChange to sell and reposition containers and benefit from:

  • Easily finds trustworthy partners

  • Seamless and safe payment handling process

  • Growing its network around the world

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About Magitu 

Magitu operates in international trading and logistics services. They have partners all around the globe and have a special focus on Europe, Russia, and China.

With the first office opening in Klaipeda, Lithuania, in 2006 the company has since branched out to Germany, with another office in Berlin. Despite the numerous locations, Magitu stands out from the crowd with their dedicated 24/7 customer service.

In order to give the best possible service, the team of eight always makes sure to stay up to date on the latest trends and events in the industry. Having a personal relationship with all the partners is another must. That makes it possible for Magitu to stay agile, reply quickly, and come up with solutions even quicker.

Expanding worldwide

“We found xChange and just the thought about having partners and clients worldwide worked for us. We will continue to work with xChange, and it’s having a positive impact Magitu”
The Magitu team

Growing clientele across the globe

As a team of 8 young and energetic people, Magitu always looks towards innovation and growth. Growth that must help them become even better and be beneficial for their partners and customers.

However, expanding further and growing their clientele had become challenging. As it can not only be difficult to figure out who you can trust – but also to be trusted yourself. So, being a member of xChange helped Magitu kickstart their growth and finding new partners. But it wasn’t completely without reservations, that Magitu started using xChange.

“We were a little bit scared about the new pile of customers or partners, especially those who are in some of the European countries we’re not used to working in,” says the Magitu team.

Thankfully, the worry was quickly put to rest:

“But with the setup of xChange, it’s safe to build a client base that is outside our nation. xChange is special,” they explain.

Payments were the biggest hassle

With the quickly expanding network and new partners, having a seamless payment process was essential for Magitu. Something the company had struggled with as well as the associated processes that come with the territory of payment handling.

But with xChange’s payment handling, also known as the xChange Wallet, the time spent by the company performing this task was reduced significantly. A good thing too, with the new opportunities coming their way. Enabling the company to create their footprint in other parts of the world.

“With xChange, we attract a lot of clients to partner with — through this platform and we can continue to grow our business,” says the Magitu team.

The company focuses on its mission to meet the needs of each client and create trust-based long-term relationships. xChange accelerated their business and assisted Magitu in collaborating with new clients in new areas and helped leverage new tools to expand their business.

Adding safety to the deal

“xChange is like a guarantee for the deal. Every party that deals on xChange value their reputation. That’s the reason we see xChange as a great addition”

The Magitu team

“xChange allowed us to phantom a possibility to find new areas and new clients. It’s a tool to grow and develop our business”

The Magitu team 

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