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Buying Containers in Malaysia: Common FAQs

What are the top 5 routes for shipping containers to Port Klang in Malaysia?
There are numerous routes for shipping containers to Port Klang, Malaysia. The top 5 destinations are Barcelona (Spain), Long Beach (The USA), Los Angeles (The USA), New York (The USA), and Valencia (Spain).

What are the major shipping ports in Malaysia?
The major shipping ports in Malaysia are: Port Kelang, Port of Tanjung Pelepas, Johor Port, Penang Port, Bintulu Port, Malacca Port, Kuantan Port and Kemaman Port.

What are the items that are restricted to import in Malaysia?
There are certain codes of conduct to follow while importing goods/items in Malaysia, especially for the items restricted/prohibited to be imported. These include: Knives and Daggers, Pens and Pencils, Goods that look like Syringes, Indecent or Pornographic Material, Counterfeit Money, Poisonous Chemicals, Some forms of Liquor, Imitation or Toy Guns and Firearms, Imitation Explosives as well as Fireworks and other Explosives

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