Oceanwide Logistics Global Network

In the business for more than 20 years

Oceanwide Logistics is a fully licensed and bonded NVOCC (Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier) operating in a worldwide network of logistics partners who are working hand in hand to serve our customers in all areas of the logistics and transportation field.

No matter what your logistics needs are, what you need to move, our network of well-established partners will arrange it.

Have a look at our services and partners, and you will know that we will get it right for you!

Service offerings


Oceanwide Logistics does pre- carriages, on-carriages in cooperation with shipping lines, our truckers, barge operators and the rail road. We move all sizes of equipment, 20′, 40′, 45′ as well as all types, like Standard containers, (GP) Open tops, Flat Racks, Reefers on a worldwide basis


No matter to which destination, we find a solution to almost every part of the world. Our worldwide network of qualified and trusted partners and agents enables us to complete the
shipments up to final destination. Tailor-made solutions will be created and found for your breakbulk, heavy lift or project shipment.


The carriage of heavy lift cargo requires people who know what they are doing. Any mistake literally will be a heavy mistake and that is why we got the resources to help you moving your heavy treasures to the right place at a competitive price.Special permits, clearances, escorts, whatever, we arrange it so that your heavy lift reaches its destination is time.


Ro/ Ro means Roll on/ Roll off. This description is used for rolling cargo, like cars, trailers, busses, trucks, cranes and other vehicles, self-propelled or just capable of rolling.


We move cargo at all kind of temperatures and we are able to come up with the respective charts at the end of the voyage to prove that the required settings were maintained.


Inside our network several partners are very successful in the airfreight sector. Own IATA licenses are available as much as the staff dealing with time sensitive consignments every day. We work with all major airlines, carrying your freight reliably to the place of your choice.

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Annual agents meeting in Barcelona, March 2020

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