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Try Insights to get actual container prices and one-way leasing terms in up to 180 global locations. Find the best time and locations to buy, sell and lease your containers.

How may Insights help you?

Get actual container prices and leasing terms for SOCs

Select your desired location, container type and condition to find the current market rates and their development for the last week, month, or even several years. You can analyze the pricing trends and identify the best time to buy, sell or lease out your equipment.

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Maximize your profits by learning when and where to buy and lease containers

Compare container prices in various locations and assess your potential earnings from leasing out boxes for one-way moves (pick-up charges). This data is available for 180 cities.

Monitor container availability at major ports

With Insights, you get access to Container Availability Index (CAx) for 63 global cities. It indicates:

  • If more loaded containers are imported than exported or vice versa; and
  • Where there is a container shortage or oversupply.

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Insights collects and analyses data from the Container xChange Marketplaces, big container sellers, and shipping lines. We update the data daily, so you can have live market figures at your fingertips.


Insights is a subscription-based product that offers monthly and yearly plans. You can unsubscribe 15 days prior to the next payment.


Discover market opportunities on Insights and act quickly. As a Container Trading or Leasing member, you can be directed to relevant sales and leasing offers straight from Insights with just one click.

Container prices are not a mystery anymore with xChange

Try Insights to:

  • Define the best locations to buy, sell and lease units

  • Calculate your potential costs and profits

  • Make a good deal even in a new market

  • Gain competitive advantage and negotiate with power