Hamburg, Germany, 02 March 2022 – Global shipping consultancy, Drewry and global marketplace for container trading and leasing, Container xChange, are pleased to announce that they have entered a data-led partnership combining xChange’s rich platform data and Drewry’s market-leading research capabilities.

Through this partnership the maritime and shipping industry will gain access to improved research, consultancy and forecasting of the container logistics market, enabling enhanced decision making and better market visibility for logistics companies.

With access to accurate and timely data more important than ever for senior decision-makers in the maritime and shipping industry, both companies recognise the value of bringing greater visibility to the container logistics market through their combined intelligence.

“The global supply chain is grappling with many challenges and this partnership will help maritime and supply chain leaders develop robust strategies that are informed by the best data and analysis available. Drewry is the definitive market leader in research and analysis and with our rich data, this enhanced market offering will bring greater value to the supply chain,” said Christian Roeloffs, founder and CEO, Container xChange.

Martin Dixon, Head of Research Products at Drewry said, “We are pleased to collaborate with Container xChange in this initiative. We constantly seek new sources of marketplace data to enhance Drewry’s research and advisory services enabling our clients to make informed and timely commercial decisions with conviction.”

“We at Container xChange are focused on improving the logistics of global trade. In today’s world with container prices at extreme rates and container availability remains unpredictable, data and technology are two areas that can bring immense resilience and agility to stakeholders in global supply chain,” added Roeloffs.

Container xChange tracks container leasing and trading transactions of millions of containers. This rich data will enable Drewry to develop improved insights and enhance research capabilities.

Speaking of partnerships, Container xChange has a strong footing with freight forwarding networks, by partnering with the likes of Atlas Logistics Network, Security Cargo Network, Marco Polo Line Group and Globalink Network. This has allowed networks to diversify their offerings to their members by giving them access to the world’s largest neutral marketplace for trading and leasing of containers; thereby empowering them to navigate through the uncertainties that the supply chain gridlock has posed over the past 2 years. And for xChange, these partnerships have added many trustworthy customers to the platform.

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