Value-added services

Item Fee Condition
Payment Handling Fee 3.85% of the credited amount Payment handling fee of 3.85% is charged to the company that receives the credits. Does not apply for credits related to container sale in the trading marketplace. Payment handling fee is non-refundable if there are adjusts due to late reporting of data.
Trading Buyer Protection 1.95% of the purchase price Payment handling fee of 1.95% of the purchase price is charged to the buyer as “Buyer Protection” in the deal. The payment handling fee is non-refundable in case the deal is cancelled by the buyer after payment.
Tracking Premium USD 0.25 / container / month Applicable for containers successfully tracked in our tracking premium service in a month.
Additional User Seats USD 98 Per month, per user, for the # of active accounts that exceed the max # of users of the plan.
Additional Container Batches USD 398 Per month per each additional batch of 100 containers started, that exceeds the max. Containers under management of the plan.
Wallet Top-up - No Fees apply for wallet top-ups
Wallet Payout (own account) - No Fees apply for balance payouts to own account