Building a mobile container office is a cost-efficient and flexible alternative to a regular office. In this blog, discover how to convert containers into workspaces, the main benefits, and how to buy units at wholesale prices for container offices.

Searching for new or used shipping containers for shipping container office conversion? We bet you’ve come up against two main challenges; finding containers at prices that suit your budget and sourcing containers from sellers you can trust. 

Container xChange solves both of these challenges and many more on one platform! We’re a neutral online container marketplace, with 1,700+ vetted sellers and an inventory of over 100,000 containers. Plus, you can deal with sellers directly to negotiate the best prices for your shipping container offices.

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            Shipping container office – popular sizes for mobile office

            A mobile container office is an office made from a shipping container. This may involve adding new floors, moving the position of doors, installing windows for light, and painting the container body, among other things. 

            If you’re looking for shipping containers for modification, you’ll first need to decide which size suits your needs. Here are the three best sizes to use for shipping container offices. 

            10′ mobile office

            The 10ft shipping container is perfect for a mobile mini container office. This size is one of the smallest available in the market, with a length of 11.5ft (3.5m), a width of 8ft (2.44m), and a height of 8.5ft (2.59m). If you’re looking to create compact offices and have limited space available, a 10ft is the ideal choice. 

            20ft container office

            Want more room in your mobile container offices but still have limited space available on-site? A 20ft dry container is a good middle ground. Here, you’ll have 19.4ft (5.9m) of height, 7.8ft (2.35m) of width, and 7.9ft (2.39m) of length to work with. 

            40ft mobile office

            And if you want large and spacious office spaces, opt for the 40ft dry container. It will give you double the space and rooms. This container has a height of 39.5ft (12.03m), a width of 7.87ft (2.4m), and a length of 7.84ft (2.39m).

            Find containers for your next mobile office at Container xChange 

            Sourcing quality new and used shipping containers for mobile container offices, especially regularly can be a real challenge. There are scammers to look out for and stock issues to contend with, not to mention being overcharged everywhere you look.

            But you can say goodbye to these worries once and for all when you subscribe to the Container xChange platform. It’s quick and easy to find the units you need at the best prices in just three steps.

            Once you’ve decided on the container type and size you want for your container offices, type in your criteria to browse and compare multiple offers from different suppliers at the same time. Here you’ll be able to see the condition of the container, as well as the price, and who the supplier is. 

            Once you’ve spotted an offer that suits your needs, reach out to the seller directly to negotiate a deal that fits your budget. Cutting out the middleman means no added commission and faster turnaround times—at last!

            If this part leaves you feeling stressed out, we’re here to put your concerns to rest. On xChange, all payments are 100% safe with our secure payment handling feature. Keep track of your transactions in one place, and make all payments directly on the platform. Convenience at its best. 

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            How to convert a shipping container into an office

            There are various ways in which you can convert a shipping container into an office. Either you can keep things very simple, changing just the basics, or, you can turn containers into state-of-the-art workspaces, whatever your budget and creativity allows! 

            Here are the main container modifications you might want to consider:

            Floors: Many shipping containers come with plywood flooring made from tropical woods like Keruing or Apitong, which is resistant to high humidity and can withstand heavy loads. If you buy used containers, you may want to repair or replace the flooring, it may be scratched or damaged. 

            Lighting: Containers don’t come with lighting installed, so you’ll need to add this yourself. For offices, we recommend bright overhead lighting for the best visibility.

            Windows: If you want your office spaces to have good natural light, install large windows in the container walls. This will also help with ventilation. You can also change the position of the doors or install glass sliding doors for even more light.

            Container body: You can easily repaint and  change the color of the container, inside-out.  Usually, gray is the most suitable color for a container office.

            Heating or air conditioning: If your mobile container offices are located in very cold or hot locations, you can consider installing a heating or air conditioning system.

            Benefits of a shipping container office

            Safe and secure: Shipping containers are made from steel and are extremely durable. So if you want to keep the items inside your office spaces safe, a shipping container is a great option. 

            Portable: Shipping containers are designed to be transported between various modes of transport efficiently. So if you need to move an office to another site, you won’t have any issues.

            Temporary: Unlike traditional office buildings, shipping containers are temporary structures that can be relocated quickly and easily. For businesses where office sites change regularly, mobile container offices are the perfect solution. 

            Cost-efficient: Modifying a shipping container into an office is  much cheaper than building an office from scratch. You’ll save heaps of money.

            High quality: Shipping containers have to meet certain requirements in terms of durability, safety, and design, so you can rest assured any shipping container you buy from a reputable supplier will be of the highest quality.

            Benefits of mobile container offices

            Buy units for mobile container office at wholesale price on xChange

            Ready to buy containers for mobile container offices? Here’s what you can expect once you subscribe to our platform:

            Save money with wholesale prices

            If you want to buy containers regularly, why not buy in bulk? You’ll get the cheapest wholesale prices, and have the inventory available when you need it. With our network of 1,700+ suppliers, you’re also bound to find the containers you need when you need them without any hassle.

            Use our platform as a live inventory

            If you don’t want to buy in bulk, you can always use our marketplace as a live inventory. That way, when your customer has a request, you can quickly and easily source the units required, in the location they are needed in on our platform, avoiding any last-minute panic. 

            Reliable suppliers

            All our members have been through a mandatory background check, so you can rest assured they’re vetted and reliable. You can easily check out the reviews and ratings for any of our members before deciding who you want to work with.  

            Safe payment handling

            On xChange, we prioritize a safe and transparent environment for all payments. Additionally, if you have any concerns or questions, you can speak with  our support team 24 hours a day. 

            We also give you a 7-day quality assurance period to make sure that you’re 100% happy with the containers you receive, before making the payment. So that you can see the containers yourself before the money leaves your hands.

            Want to start saving money for your business by buying units wholesale for container offices? Then click below to set up your tour of our container marketplace with one of our experts today. You’ll be connecting with vetted sellers and negotiating budget-friendly prices for your mobile container offices in no time at all.

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            Common FAQs: Mobile container office

            Can you make a shipping container into an office?

            Shipping containers make cost-effective, stylish, and secure mobile offices. Depending on the amount of space required, you can opt for 10ft, 20ft, 40ft, or 40ft high cube containers for your mobile container offices.

            What is a mobile container office?

            A mobile container office is a workspace made of shipping containers. This may include repainting the exterior and interior walls, adding windows, redoing flooring, and installing lighting.

            What are the benefits of a mobile shipping container office?

            Mobile container offices have many benefits. They’re quick and cost-effective to set up, easy to transport, and extremely durable. They’re also easy to scale up or down if need be, and they're better for the environment than building offices from scratch.