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Before you start your container search, make sure you have your desired storage container types and dimensions in mind. Then, just enter your requirements – type, size, condition – in the public search bar on our marketplace. You’ll receive a list of matching offers for shipping containers in Houston.


Browse and compare container offers

Easily browse through container offers in a single dashboard once you receive the list. View upfront prices, supplier reviews, pictures and essential container details, including year of manufacture (YOM), forklift compatibility, CSC certificate, and much more. Compare the offers conveniently and contact the supplier directly through the platform.


Negotiate directly with the supplier to get the best prices

After narrowing down your offers, use our chat feature to directly contact the supplier and negotiate prices and terms. For informed negotiations, access real-time container prices from xChange Insights. Take advantage of this opportunity to secure the best container deal at 0% commission.


Buy containers brokerage-free and have 7-day money back guarantee

After agreeing upon all terms, pay for the container units using our secure Payment Handling feature. This feature grants buyers a 7-day protection window to inspect and accept purchased containers. Funds are transferred to the seller seven days later, ensuring you only pay for genuine deals.

See the entire process in action and explore the latest offers for shipping containers for sale in Houston Texas.

How much do Shipping Containers cost in Houston Texas?

For businesses along the US Gulf Coast, the Port of Houston is a key gateway to global trade. Handling the largest waterborne tonnage in the US, Houston sees a higher demand for cargo containers and portable storage containers compared to other Texas cities.

For a cargo-worthy 20ft container in Houston, you can expect to pay anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000. But on our container marketplace, you can negotiate to drive down the price and buy shipping containers under $1,000.

The price for a cargo-worthy 40ft container in Houston, TX can be in the range of $2,000 to $3,000. On our marketplace, you can get the container for as low as $1,350.

For the high-demand cargo-worthy 40ft HC container in Houston, Texas, the market price ranges from $3,000 to $4,500. But you can secure these containers for as low as $1,300 — saving 63% compared to the market price!

As can see from the graph, the prices for containers on our marketplace are:

  • Wholesale
  • Open for negotiation
  • Brokerage-free

Use these benefits to lower your container sourcing costs in Houston. See how 1,700+ companies are saving money on our marketplace.

Discover Offers: New and Used Shipping Containers for Sale Houston

Finding high quality shipping container at wholesale prices is easier than you think. Use our public search below to access competitive price offers on both new and used containers for sale in Houston TX instantly.

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            Check out container availability in Houston on our marketplace

            We have an extensive range of 5,000+ quality containers in Houston Texas. Whether you need units for long term storage, renovation projects, storing equipment, or building shipping container homes, find the right container for your business needs.

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            Explore container options in other cities beyond Houston TX

            Expanding your business often means venturing beyond your city. If you’re looking for shipping and storage containers outside the Houston area, we can connect you with verified suppliers. Here are the average prices for shipping containers in Dallas, El Paso, and New Orleans.

            To view container offers for a different city, simply click here.

            How small-medium companies scale up using xChange

            Container xChange is a reliable partner for shipping, trading, storage, and modification businesses in Greater Houston area.

            Low prices and 100% transparency

            Buy negotiable wholesale shipping containers in minutes. With prices stated upfront, you can buy in bulk for container investment or use our listings as your inventory.

            Direct deals with vetted suppliers at 0% commission

            We cut out middlemen, saving you brokerage on your container purchases. All platform members are vetted to prevent shipping container scams, providing safe trading experience.

            Expand local and international network

            Expand your shipping container business locally and internationally with access to containers in 2,500+ locations worldwide. Connect with 1,700+ partners without any additional investment.

            Safe payment and 7-day money back guarantee

            We mediate payment handling to give you 7 days to inspect the container condition and quality. If not satisfied, you will get the money back. For sellers, we assure guaranteed payments on accepted deals.

            24/5 customer support for all dealings

            Our dedicated customer support team is available 24/5 on weekdays via call, message, or email to assist you at every stage. Rest assured, your queries will be promptly resolved.

            Houston Shipping Containers for Sale: Find Your Ideal Type & Size

            20ft Standard Dry Containers (20DC)

            The 20ft container is a top choice for its versatility and durability. With its robust  and lightweight construction, these stackable containers are easy to handle, perfect for portable storage solutions. These containers are the smallest size available fit for intermodal transportation in and around Houston.

            40ft Standard Dry Containers (40DC)

            Get ample storage capacity with 40ft shipping containers! They are more cost-effective than buying two 20ft containers. With just a 30% price difference, you can save significantly on bulk purchases. Invest wisely by sourcing 40ft containers for efficient and economical storage solutions in Houston.

            20ft High Cube Containers (20HC)

            Compared to standard 20ft containers, 20ft high cube containers offer extra vertical space, ideal for storing taller items or maximizing stacking efficiency. Without increasing the floorspace, the 20ft HC container offers 15% more load capacity — perfect for businesses with limited storage budget in Houston.

            40ft High Cube Containers (40HC)

            With the floorspace of a standard 40ft container, a 40ft high cube container is taller by one foot, maximizing the capacity. Highly preferred by freight companies in Houston, the 40ft HC offers great storage value for large shipments at its price point. It’s also the go-to choice for building container homes for sale in Houston.

            Other special containers for sale in Houston

            In addition to standard containers, explore our inventory of special containers available in Houston:

            Find the perfect container for your business requirements. Explore our diverse container inventory today.

            Houston Shipping Containers for Sale: Selecting the Right Condition Grade

            If you’re unsure about which shipping container condition suits your needs and budget best, let us help you make the right choice.

            New shipping containers (One-Trip)

            New shipping containers for sale in Houston are essentially one-trip containers, having completed a trip from China. Their condition is akin to brand new. Select these containers if you’re looking for:

            • Highest quality container in the market
            • More than 25 years of lifespan
            • Structurally sound, with little to no dents or scratches
            • Scratches only under under 2mm deep
            • A valid CSC (Container Safety Convention) plate
            • Completely sealed, with zero daylight visibility from inside
            • Assurance that no toxic materials were transported in the container

            Used shipping containers for sale Houston (Cargo-worthy, WWT, As-is)

            Buying a used container is more complex than buying a new one because of varying grades based on age and condition. If you’re looking for used containers for sale in Houston, you’ll need to select from the following conditions.

            Cargo-worthy container

            Cargo-worthy (CW) containers are deemed suitable for transporting cargo. If you’re looking for sturdy, structurally sound, wind and waterproof containers but have a limited budget, opt for CW containers. Here’s what you can expect:

            • Cheaper than new containers
            • 10-15 years of lifespan
            • Suitable for shipping cargo
            • A valid CSC plate
            • At least 50% mark-free interior with slight scratching and surface rust
            • Floors may be stained, marked or have minor delamination
            • Possible corrosion and dents
            • Likely to have undergone repairs

            Wind and Watertight (WWT) container

            A container is WWT if no elements can penetrate. WWT containers can only carry cargo if they have been deemed cargo-worthy by a container surveyor. They are best and most affordable option for on-site storage, protecting good from elements. Here’s what you can expect:

            • 10-12 years of lifespan
            • Extensive markings, corrosion, and scratches on container body
            • Floors marked, moderate delamination
            • Likely to have undergone a series of repairs during its lifetime
            • Obvious signs of wear and tear

            As-is container

            As-is containers are taken out of commission in the shipping industry. They are sold in their current condition without any refurbishments. The uses may vary depending on the damage they have sustained. They are ideal for scrap, container parts, container repurposing, and temporary storage solution. Here’s what you can expect:

            • Lowest quality container in the market
            • <5 years of lifespan
            • Very inexpensive
            • Extensive signs of damage
            • Most likely to have holes, floor damage and other fixable issues
            • Likely to have undergone extensive repairs during its lifetime

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            How Houston businesses benefit from good container deals

            In Houston’s thriving economy, businesses face fierce competition. Let’s explore how various industries can boost profitability through affordable containers.

            Import and export businesses around the Port of Houston

            Shipping businesses in Houston should secure good container deals to capitalize on the city’s export growth. With Houston leading in resin exports and experiencing a 10% y-o-y increase in loaded export volumes, the demand for containers is going to stay strong despite volatile prices due to global disruptions.

            The freight companies in Houston should minimize their container sourcing costs by buying containers wholesale and maintaining a steady stock using our marketplace.

            Container traders and rental services in Houston

            Houston’s diverse industries, like energy, manufacturing, and petrochemicals, drive high demand for shipping and storage containers. This creates a lucrative yet competitive market for container traders and rental services.

            To reduce sourcing costs, especially for one-trip containers imported for resale, our platform offers containers directly from Chinese wholesalers in Houston. You can also quickly source any container type and size needed by your customers using our containers offers as your inventory.

            Depot and on-site storage services

            Houston boasts a logistics infrastructure beyond the port, with extensive railroads and highways. Its expansive network of container depots, warehouses, and distribution facilities enhances Houston’s appeal further.

            For businesses requiring portable storage solutions for intermodal transportation, shipping containers are ideal. To effectively meet your customers’ storage needs, source containers in various sizes at prices below the market rate.

            Houston drayage and transportation services

            Trucking and drayage companies in Houston, TX and across the US are facing challenges amidst a freight recession. After Covid-19, with equipment overcapacity and declining freight rates, diversifying your services is crucial.

            Our container trading platform offers a solution: Houston trucking companies can expand into container trading by buying containers at wholesale and selling at higher prices. With their existing trailers, there won’t be any extra delivery expenses.

            Real-estate and fabrication businesses

            Houston’s real estate industry is embracing shipping containers for their versatility and cost-effectiveness in construction. For businesses offering container homes for sale in Houston, minimizing container procurement costs is vital to ensure profitability.

            Our marketplace offers affordable containers for various needs, for building spacious structures to modification businesses. Find the right size and condition quickly, and expand your supplier network all across the US.

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