New shipping containers are a smart investment and will last you a long time. However, buying them from reputable sellers at prices that suit your budget can be a challenge. This blog is your guide to getting new containers from vetted sellers, at the best prices. 

So you’ve got your eye on new containers? We understand why. They’re in near-perfect condition, come without rust or holes, and can last up to 25 years if well maintained. The only problem? The price. New containers are considerably more expensive than used ones.

We introduce to you Container xChange, a convenient online marketplace for trading and leasing. Here all prices are stated upfront, and can be negotiated. What’s more, we charge 0% commission on deals, so you don’t have to worry about nasty extra fees. Save money and work with pre-approved suppliers at the same time.

Curious to see how the platform works? You can check it out right now! Type in your location and the container type you’re looking for, then press ‘search’. Browse over 50,000 container offers in 2,500+ locations in just a few clicks.

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Prices for new shipping containers for sale 

Now that you’ve had a sneak peek of our platform, let’s get back to the task at hand. Figuring out which container type you need for shipping.  

20ft dry container 

20ft dry containers are ideal for small and dense shipments of dry goods such as paper, grains, electronics and clothing. Due to their lightweight nature, you can pack in heavyweight cargo to maintain that optimum weight-to-volume ratio.

20ft dry container

You can buy new 20ft dry containers in the US for around US $2,385, in India for US $2,751 and in Northern Europe for US $2,579. Click here to find offers for 20ft containers in your location.  

40ft dry container

The 40ft dry container is exactly the same as the 20ft container only with double the capacity. If you’re transporting large or high-volume shipments of dry goods, this container size is the answer. 

The best part? The 40ft may be double the size, but it’s not double the price of the 20ft container. Usually you can pick up a 40ft for just 30% more than a 20ft. That’s what we call value for money. Get them in the US for US $3,900, in India for US $2,374 and for US $3,971 in Northern Europe. 

Want to find 40ft dry containers at prices that suit your budget? Browse container offers in 2,500+ locations right now.

40ft HC dry container

The 40ft high cube has the same dimensions as the 40ft, with an extra foot of height. This container is perfect for transporting large shipments of dry goods, as well as moving taller cargo that won’t fit in a standard 40ft container. 

Instead of buying more equipment to accommodate larger shipments, opt for the high cube instead. You’ll fit more cargo into fewer containers, and save money in the process.

Buy 40ft HCs in the US for US $4,074, in India for US $3,671 and in Northern Europe for US $2,886.

Want prices in other locations? Go ahead, browse and compare the prices of multiple offers on Container xChange here.

Reefer container

If you’ve got temperature-sensitive cargo like meat, ice-cream or pharmaceuticals, the reefer is what you’re looking for. This container comes in various sizes including 20ft, 40ft and 40ft HC. Keep in mind that a reefer is a special container, so it will be pricier than standard equipment.

Did you know you can find special containers like flat racks, side doors and open tops in various sizes on Container xChange? Plus, browse and compare offers on standard and special equipment quickly and easily, all in one place. Finding the containers you need at the best price for your budget is just a few clicks away. 

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How to save money on new shipping containers

Do you want to keep your finger on the pulse when it comes to new container prices? We’ve got the perfect tool for you. Welcome to xChange Insights, where you can keep track of container prices on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis, in just a few clicks.

container manufacturers

We know new containers can be pricey. Insights allows you to access container data in over 130 locations around the world, anytime, from anywhere. 

With our tool, you can find the cheapest locations to buy the new containers you need. New 40ft high cubes too pricey in Shanghai? Check the areas with the lowest prices, and buy containers from those locations instead. And if you’re wanting to make a profit, find the most-in demand areas and sell your equipment again there. 

You can also track market trends over time, in order to better understand why prices fluctuate and what influences such changes. 

Want to get started right away? Click here to try Insights for free today, and you’ll be making smart and informed trading moves in no time at all.

Old vs new shipping container: Which is best for shipping and storage?

Depending on what you need containers for, you might want to opt for different container conditions. Let’s take a look at which condition suits your purpose below.

Best container condition for shipping

For shipping goods, the newer the container the better, especially if you’ve got expensive cargo. Why? Old containers have transported a variety of shipments, which could include food products, chemicals or even toxic substances. These can leak or spill, contaminating the container. 

New containers also won’t have rust, dents or holes, and will have the most effective door seals, keeping your goods safe from bad weather. They’ll also come with a long warranty. 

Best container condition for storage

For storage, on the other hand, you don’t need a container in the best condition. Why splurge on brand new containers to store your machinery, tools or building materials? It makes more sense to opt for a cargo-worthy (used) or wind and watertight (WWT) container for your storage needs.

As long as the container is free of holes and is sealed, it’ll do the job of keeping your goods safe and protected all the same. 

Get new shipping containers at the best price on Container xChange

Now that you know you can find new shipping containers at the best prices, all on one platform, it’s time to learn more about how to go about buying them. Check out the simple steps below.

Decide on your criteria

Before you start searching for deals, make sure you know exactly what container type and size suits your shipping needs. You’ll also need the dimensions of your shipment, in order to compare these with the dimensions of the container.

Browse offers

Once you know what you’re looking for, type the container type and location into the trading search to start browsing. Here you’ll be able to check out multiple offers, plus compare them simultaneously to make sure you’re choosing the best option. 

Container trading platform

Negotiate a deal

Found the containers you want? Great. It’s time to negotiate directly with the seller. Yes, you heard that right, no middleman involved. Chat directly to the supplier to decide on the price, plus the terms and conditions of the sale.

Make safe payments

When everything has been agreed upon and signed, all that’s left to do is make the payment. You can do this safely and conveniently right on the platform using the xChange Wallet. What’s more, you’ll receive just one invoice each month, so simple!

Ready to start finding new shipping containers at the best price for your budget? Click below now to set up your free demo of the platform, and learn all about how Container xChange can help you save cash and source quality containers worry-free.

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New shipping containers: Common FAQs

How much does a brand new shipping container cost?

Brand new shipping containers can cost between US $2,385 and US $4,070 depending on the container type, size and location.

What is the price of a 40ft container?

The price of a 40ft container depends on the container condition, location and market situation at the time of buying. A new 40ft container in the US will cost you US $3,900, in India, US $2,347 and in Northern Europe, US $3,971.

Are shipping containers watertight?

Yes, shipping containers are wind and water-tight (WWT) if there are no holes in the container body, and the rubber door seals are in good condition. Regular inspection and maintenance of containers helps to ensure they remain WWT.

How much does it cost to buy a 20ft shipping container?

The costs depend on the condition of the container, as well as the location and current market situation. For a new 20ft container in the US, you’re looking at US $2,385, in India, US $2,751 and in Northern Europe, US $2,579.