Building a shipping container pool is a cost-efficient alternative to a regular pool. If you’re in the business of building container pools read this blog to know popular pool ideas and how you can source containers at the best prices. 

Shipping container pool builders need to buy containers at low prices. Not only does this reduce your raw material acquisition costs, but it also leaves more funds to invest in container pool modifications. 

One easy way to get low-cost containers is through the Container xChange marketplace, where you can access 100,000+ containers in 2,500+ locations globally. All sellers on our platform are vetted, making it easier for you to trade with new partners and engage in safe business transactions. 

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            Find containers for shipping container pools on xChange 

            We understand how important it’s to source containers at low prices for your container pool business. Container xChange makes it easy for you to find your ideal container type. Here’s how:

            • Vetted sellers: With xChange, you can access 1,700+ thoroughly vetted container suppliers globally. Each supplier on our platform is carefully screened to ensure reliability, so you can confidently buy containers from new partners. Talk to sellers directly on the platform, and negotiate for better deals.
            • Safe payment handling: Once you’ve agreed to the terms with the seller, we safeguard your payment for 7 days, giving you ample time to examine the container. If you’re dissatisfied you’re entitled to a full refund. Moreover, our exceptional support extends beyond conventional marketplace norms,  assisting in case of any disputes.
            • Containers on wholesale prices: On our platform, you can access containers at wholesale prices, enabling you to optimize your project budget easily. You can even buy containers in bulk to further reduce the costs per container and crack better deals.

            Choose from 100,000+ different container types and sizes in 2,500+ locations globally. Simply click the banner below to browse through multiple container deals!

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            Types of shipping container pools 

            Now that you know how to source containers easily for your container swimming pool business, let’s look at some popular shipping container swimming pool ideas. 

            Small container pools 

            Small container pools can be built using 10ft containers or 20ft containers. These compact units offer an efficient solution for space-constrained environments. 

            Small shipping container pool

            Check out offers for 10ft and 20ft containers in your preferred location to build affordable shipping container pools.

            Large container pools 

            If your client needs a bigger pool, choose a 40-foot container swimming pool instead. 40ft containers provide ample space to create luxurious pools, ideal for commercial projects, resorts, or large residential properties.

            Want containers for your next 40 ft container swimming pool project? Find the best deals in 2,500+ locations here. 

            In-ground shipping container pools

            Inground container pools offer a great alternative to a traditional in-ground pool. They provide a sturdy and customizable option for clients looking for a pool that blends well in their shipping container pool house. You can reduce the container pool cost by buying containers at low prices. Find containers under $1,000 for your next modification project. 

            In ground shipping container pool

            Above-ground container pool

            An above-ground shipping container pool offers a convenient option for adding a conex pool to any space. An above-ground pool that doesn’t require extensive excavation or construction work—thereby reducing your construction costs. 

            Shipping container pool with deck 

            A pool container with a deck combines the convenience of a pool with the added functionality of a leisure space. This setup offers a practical and stylish solution for clients who want a backyard swimming pool. 

            It’s important to keep your container procurement costs to a minimum if you want to invest in modifying shipping container swimming pools. Use the Container xChange marketplace to choose from 100,000+ containers today! 

            What are the advantages of a shipping container pool?

            Here are the top advantages of using shipping containers as swimming pools.


            Pools made from shipping containers offer the advantage of portability, allowing them to be easily relocated as needed. This flexibility makes them ideal for temporary installations when compared to traditional in-ground pools.


            A container swimming pool offers unmatched customizability. Every aspect can be personalized to match different container pool ideas, from pool sizes to features. You can add swim jets, a divider wall, or lighting. Custom shipping container pools allow you to perfectly match your client’s vision and enhance their pool experience. 

            Container pools are durable 

            Most shipping container pools are extremely durable, thanks to their robust corten steel construction designed to withstand harsh conditions. Some manufacturers also add another layer of coated steel to make them long-lasting. The sturdy build also minimizes maintenance requirements.

            Container swimming pools are affordable 

            Shipping container pools provide a budget-friendly option compared to conventional methods of building swimming pools. You can reduce the cost further when you use an online marketplace like Container xChange to source containers. Compare multiple offers and choose the right one for your container pool business today! 

            Let’s explore the container pool price further in the next section. 

            How much does a shipping container pool cost? 

            The cost of a shipping container pool is primarily determined by the cost of the shipping container itself, which varies depending on factors such as size, condition, and whether it’s new or used.

            You can get new 20ft shipping containers for $1,990 on average in the US. Choose a cargo-worthy 20ft container for just $1,050 in Toronto, if you’re looking for an affordable option

            For a bigger swimming pool container, choose a 40ft container. The average price of a new 40ft container is $2,850. Going for a cargo-worthy container to build a 40-foot swimming pool makes more sense. Get a cargo-worthy 40ft container for $1,250 in Savannah. 

            As container pool builders, you should know the prices of shipping containers. It helps you calculate the container pool cost. And when you procure containers at the right rates, you can offer your shipping container pools for sale at competitive prices. 

            One easy way to find containers at low rates is through Container xChange. You can buy containers in bulk and get them at wholesale prices, and also negotiate with sellers for better deals. We don’t charge any commission on your deals, so you know you’re paying the right market prices.

            Want to check out the prices of containers in your location? Simply click on the banner below to get started.

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            Find containers for container pools in the US

            Container pools for sale have become quite popular in the US due to their affordability and versatility. Let’s explore some of the most popular locations below.

            Container pools Florida 

            Shipping container pools in Florida are gaining popularity due to their ability to withstand the state’s climate conditions, offering residents a practical solution for year-round enjoyment. 

            Build a cargo container pool by buying containers at low prices on the Container xChange marketplace. Check out 50+ offers for containers in Florida today!

            Container pools Texas

            Another popular location in the US for container pools is Texas. Want to build a shipping container pool in Texas? Buy 20ft containers for just $1,100 on xChange and get started.

            Shipping container pools California

            Get 40ft containers in Los Angeles, California for just $1,250 on xChange. Buying containers at such low prices will help reduce your modification costs, allowing you to put the container pool for sale in California at the best prices. 

            Shipping container pool Canada

            Apart from the US, conex container pools are becoming quite popular in Canada as well. Their durable construction is well-suited to withstand the country’s diverse climate conditions. Buy containers at low prices for your container pool projects in Vancouver or other locations in Canada like Alberta

            Container xChange allows you to buy containers in 2,500+ locations globally, including great deals on shipping containers for sale in Houston. Whether you’re looking for container deals for pools in Arizona, container pools in Atlanta, container pools in San Diego, or container pools in New Jersey we’ve got you covered. Read on to know how. 

            Find containers at low prices for container pools

            Sourcing quality containers for container pools regularly can be a challenge. You have to be aware of scammers, make sure you’re maintaining adequate stock, and not to mention being overcharged everywhere you look.

            You can avoid all these issues once you subscribe to the Container xChange trading marketplace. Our platform gives you access to 1,700+ vetted sellers globally. Simply select the container type and condition you need and choose the right container for your business from 100,000+ units. 

            With xChange, you can easily buy containers at your desired locations whenever needed. This way, you save on container storage costs and can spend money on pool modifications instead. By reducing your raw material procurement costs, you offer competitive pool prices to your clients. Our marketplace is the right place for you if you have regular buying needs. You can even procure containers in bulk, at wholesale prices and reduce costs further. 

            If you face any issues, our expert team is here to help you throughout your container-buying process. We even offer a 7-day money-back guarantee with your purchase. Get started by clicking on the banner below to learn how xChange can help you increase profits for your container pool business!

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            Shipping container pool: Common FAQs

            How much is a shipping container pool?

            The price of a container pool mainly depends on the price of the shipping container. The average price of a cargo-worthy 20ft container is $1,195 and a 40ft container costs $1,695.

            What size are container pools?

            Container pools come in various sizes, typically between 10 feet to 40 feet in length, with 20-foot and 40-foot containers being the most common choices. The size of the container pool can be customized to suit different needs and preferences.

            Are shipping containers good for pools?

            Shipping containers are excellent for pool construction due to their inherent durability, structural integrity, and versatility. Their sturdy steel construction ensures longevity and resistance to weather elements. Moreover, building a container pool is more affordable than a traditional pool.