More now than ever, with a pandemic creating havoc worldwide, reducing costs is essential to survive in the shipping industry. Hariesh Manaadiar, owner of Shipping and Freight Resource, will give his tips on how digitalization can help with exactly that at the DCS 2020.

He has worked as a typist. He has – literally – been thrown off a ship. Now, he is the head of Commercial for an international ships agency company and also educates people through the blog Shipping and Freight Resource.

With 31 years in the shipping industry, Hariesh Manaadiar has worked both on and off the vessels. He pairs that extensive industry knowledge with his knowledge of digitalization. A link, he will make use of at his keynote ‘Cost savings through digitalization in shipping’ at the Digital Container Summit 2020 on September 3rd.

Because to achieve cost savings, knowing your industry and following digitalization is key.

Get the know-how

The Corona-pandemic has changed the game in the shipping industry. Cost savings are under normal circumstances important. With the current situation, it is even more so.

But how do you actually cut down on your expenses without lowering the quality of your services?

If you ask Hariesh Manaadiar, the answer is pretty straight forward:

“Everybody is trying to see how they can best manage their resources, manage their costs, optimize their resources, reduce costs. Through digitalization, these things are possible,” Manaadiar states.

However, there is a but. And it’s an important one: Digitalization can’t work on its own.

Having the systems without knowing where to use them and how to handle them won’t get you very far, Manaadiar points out. Getting that digital knowledge is important, and that is exactly what Manaadiar will help you get, with his keynote at the DCS.

Technology attracts customers

It’s not enough to think that the digitalization will happen sometime in the future. Digitalization already has a big impact on the industry, he points out. Because technology plays a big role when customers decide where they want to put their money.

“Digitalization has a huge impact on the business even now, it’s already the selling point… Because the customers are looking at how you can manage the processes, reduce the time, reduce the costs and that is the biggest impact it is going to have on the industry,” Manaadiar says.

Do you want to hear more about Hariesh Manaadiar’s take on the future of shipping – and why he was thrown off a ship? Then take a look at the video podcast below 👇

New blood in the industry

And there is another compelling reason to start following the technological advances in the industry. The digitalization tools will continue to develop, Manaadiar explains.

“In this business right now, there are a lot of start-ups, a lot of new people who are entering the industry through the digitalization model,” he says.

These firms may not have a great deal of industry knowledge. What many of them do have, is experience with technology and digitalization.

This wave of newcomers makes it that much more important to keep up with the technology. As well as get an understanding of how it works.

“if people don’t adapt to it, they’re going to be left behind,” Manaadiar states.

About the Digital Container Summit 2020

This year’s Digital Container Summit will be just that – digital. We, at xChange, are creating an online event on September 3rd. That has all the most important features from last year’s Digital Container Summit. This way, you will get a full day of personal video meetings with other shipping companies for you to discuss business. As well as getting updated on the latest trends and changes in the industry.

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The Digital Container Summit 2020 is open to the entire container logistics industry. The DCS is the only industrywide networking opportunity in 2020.

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