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Calculate your demurrage & detention charges for the 8 leading carriers across the 70+ biggest ports. Type in a country and port to get started, and compare rates against other carriers.

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Behind the Demurrage & Detention Calculator

We use more than 20,000 data points on demurrage & detention charges that we have collected until May, 2023 to create transparency on how much demurrage & detention the biggest carriers charge at the world’s 70 biggest ports.

Just type in your port into the calculator, add the direction (import or export) as well as the container type and size. Afterwards you type in the days the container is delayed inside or outside of the port to calculate charges.

How to calculate Demurrage & Detention charges

Demurrage always refers to the time a container is within a terminal, detention charges account for extended use of the container outside of a terminal. Merchants have on average 5.89 free days across ports for 20DCs, afterwards demurrage & detention charges are levied.

To calculate demurrage & detention charges, you simply multiply the daily charge for extended use after free-days have ended and multiply it with the number of days. Since most of the data is not publicly available we recommend to use the demurrage & detention calculator.

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