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Get real-time data on container prices in 60 locations. Make data-informed trading decisions to buy or sell equipment.

“xChange have good research material which is very helpful. They have been giving price indicators which are incredible! “

Aamir S. Mir, Chief Operating Officer (COO)


Check market prices and trends in seconds

Choose location, container type, and condition to see market prices. Know about price changes and analyze the trends to identify the best timing to buy or sell equipment.You can access historical data going back 2 years.

Explore and leverage market opportunities

Get a global overview of container prices for dry cargo, reefer, and high cube units. Explore the cheapest and most expensive areas. For both new and used containers. The data is updated every day so, you get real-time prices.

Learn the level of global container supply

Use an interactive map to see locations with available container supply from the xChange marketplace. Identify best locations to buy, sell, and reposition your equipment to benefit from the market situation.

Why trust Insights’ data

Insights aggregates information from the Container xChange Marketplace and inventory data of big container sellers and shipping lines. The data is updated every day so, you get real-time market prices.

What insights costs

The first 7 days are free of charge. After the trial, you can keep using Insights for a price of $99 per month. You can cancel the subscription the 15 days prior to the next payment.

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Even better with xChange Container Trading

Use Insights to find the best locations to buy and sell containers. Making good deals is easy on xChange Trading, where 1,000+ partners are ready to offer or purchase containers in over 2,500 locations.

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Container prices are not a mystery anymore

Try Insights for free during the first 7 days to:

  • Define the best locations to buy and sell units

  • Set a fair market price for a container and sell it fast

  • Make a good deal even in a new market