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Industry Reports

Our team of analysts provide monthly and yearly research and analysis of container trading prices, leasing rates and factors that impact container logistics industry.

May 2024

Where Are All The Containers?
Open the monthly container logistics update, reporting on April 2024.

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May 2024

Container Market Forecasters
Eager to make well-informed decisions for your supply chain? Look no further!

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2023 – 2024

2023 Shipping Industry Trends and Future of Shipping in 2024
Welcome to the 2nd annual edition of Trends and Impacts report.

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Container xChange Price Sentiment Index (xCPSI)

Gain visibility into prevailing industry sentiment with our proprietary tool, Container Price Sentiment Index that gives a dynamic, real-time perspective on the anticipated trajectory of container prices in the upcoming weeks.

Understanding the Container Price Sentiment Index (xCPSI)

  • Container Price Sentiment Index (xCPSI) Methodology

    xCPSI surveys are conducted regularly, capturing the opinions of industry experts regarding their expectations for container prices over the short term. Participants are asked to provide their sentiment on the likelihood of container price increases, decreases, or remaining stable, along with the corresponding percentage estimates.

  • Index Calculation

    The xCPSI is derived from the aggregated responses of survey participants. Each response is assigned a weight based on the number of votes it receives, reflecting the collective wisdom of the supply chain community.

    Percentage Increase: Represents the proportion of respondents anticipating a rise in container prices.
    Percentage Decrease: Reflects the percentage of respondents predicting a decline in prices.
    Percentage Same: Indicates the share of respondents expecting prices to remain unchanged.
    These percentages are weighted according to the number of votes received for each sentiment category. Subsequently, the index value is calculated within a range of -100 to 100, providing a comprehensive snapshot of sentiment within the container market.

  • Interpretation

    A higher index value suggests prevailing optimism among industry professionals, indicating an expectation of price increases. Conversely, a lower index value may signal caution or pessimism regarding future price movements.

  • Usage

    The xCPSI serves as a valuable tool for stakeholders within the container logistics industry, offering actionable insights into market sentiment and facilitating informed decision-making. By providing a quantitative measure of sentiment, the index enables stakeholders to anticipate and adapt to changes in container prices more effectively. It provides a reliable assessment of short-term price expectations within the container market, leveraging the collective wisdom of industry professionals to inform strategic decision-making and enhance market understanding.

Container Availability Index (CAx)

Powered by xChange Insights, CAx shows you the container availability at major ports, worldwide. CAx indicates:

– If more loaded containers are imported than exported or vice versa; and
– Where there is a container shortage or oversupply.

So, you can make the right trading and leasing decisions.

The chart presents New York data.
Get access to 480+ locations and learn how to read this data on the CAx page

Analytical Pieces

Discover valuable insights from short reports on hot topics.
We simplify complex things like market trends, consumer behaviour, and new tech into clear and influential viewpoints.

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