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xChange helps container lines cut expenses by reducing empty containers transit

xChange, a maritime startup headquartered in Hamburg, Germany is offering container lines the possibility of reducing their dead miles by helping them supply or use one-way container moves or SOCs from 2500 locations across the world.

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Shipping Container Crunch Shows Signs of Easing, Index Shows

The Container Availability Index developed by Hamburg, Germany-based Container xChange should stay around 0.35 to 0.38 through Chinese Lunar New Year in mid-February, the online platform said in a statement on Monday.

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Port operators order ‘full steam ahead’ for supersized ships

The pandemic has shown us how vulnerable the supply chain is and how we have lagged [behind] in using technology to increase preparedness for any kind of disruption such as this,” says Christian Roeloffs, chief executive of Container xChange.

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Why Covid and Empty Containers Have Sailors Swearing

In the simplest terms, the supply of containers fell well short of demand where and when they were needed most. According to Container xChange, an online platform based in Hamburg, Germany, there are 25 million containers in use worldwide making 170 million trips a year.

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Detention, demurrage fees doubled in 2021: report

Global detention and demurrage charges doubled over the past year as shippers faced unprecedented delays in moving their cargo and ocean carriers sought quick return of equipment, according to Container xChange.

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China’s shipping-container costs hit all-time highs, and shortage will further push up prices in coming months

And the rising costs will be further exacerbated in the coming weeks by the recent temporary closure of a key terminal at China’s Ningbo-Zhoushan Port, the world’s biggest port in terms of cargo tonnage, according to Container xChange.

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Container trading prices at global, Indian ports see decline in December

Major ports in the US, China and Europe have seen container prices declining from August to November, with prices at the US ports going down by about 18% in the last four months, says a report by Hamburg-based Container xChange.

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Companies Consider Alternative Routes, Assess Costs as Suez Canal Blockage Continues

Another alternate route would be shipping goods by rail on the growing overland networks that have sprung up between China and Europe. Johannes Schlingmeier, co-chief executive of Container xChange, an online marketplace for buying and selling shipping containers …

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Ocean freight pressures set to continue until at least summer

As reported today, the problems of containers being out of position continues. Despite a shortage of empty containers in international export markets, empties are continuing to pile up in the UK, with the excess of containers at UK ports even higher now than last year, according to the latest data from Container xChange.

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A surge of imports is causing havoc in the world’s ports

Lockdown restrictions have also lengthened processing times at Western ports, leaving containers on land for longer than usual and preventing their return for use in new shipments. Containers are sitting empty for an average of 45 days, according to a recent study by Container xChange.

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Container availability improving at Asian ports in January

The Container Availability Index for China’s busiest port at Shanghai nearly tripled to 0.37 for a standard forty-foot container in the third week of January from a nadir of 0.13 in December, where any reading below 0.5 indicates a container shortage.

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Container shortage worsens as box ships avoid Chinese ports that need empties

According to the latest data from Container xChange, the ports of Yantian, Shekou and Nansha have been hit worst by the box shortages. “Far fewer empty boxes are arriving back to southern China as container lines skip calls, and many shippers will face long delays or higher prices …”

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