KBL Group (“KBL” in the following) operates Kanzbahr Lines, an NVOCC with offices in Malaysia and Indonesia – founded by Mr. Aslam. KBL focusses on export and import shipments and offers their services from Malaysia to India, Pakistan and the Middle East. Their services include Project Cargo, Break Bulk and Freight Forwarding as well as Customs Clearance and Agency Services.

KBL needs to find a creative solution when the demand for containers on core-stretches exceeds their own capacity and once a new customer has a request in a challenging location out of their scope. KBL risks losing the customers if they don’t find containers for that specific stretch.

That’s why KBL uses xChange to search for Shipper Owned Containers (“SOCs” in the following) when there is a deficit of equipment, but a customer is reaching out.

The challenge: Organize SOC container to EVERY location in a short time-span

 “Our customers won’t ship their freight with us if we let them wait for too long” 

The process of searching and finding SOC containers is not streamlined and can take up to several weeks – a long time for a customer who is waiting for his freight to be shipped.

– KBL reaches out to an existing network of friends and business partners all over the world once a new request is received. The process of finding new partners, reaching out to the right contact person and conducting background-checks is time-consuming and oftentimes takes several weeks.

– And even after KBL has found a reliable partner, they need to set up a legal contract and negotiate terms for SOC use. Besides that, KBL needs to write, proof and follow up on bilateral invoices—not to speak of costly international bank transfers!

– Organizing SOC containers can be a time-consuming process, involving different parties across the globe, a low level of trust and several different emails, calls and expensive tools

xChange compared SOC and COC containers with all its advantages and disadvantages


How KBL now saves several weeks with Container xChange

Smart Search

KBL uses our smart search to find potential partners in more than 2500 locations. Instead of company-by-company checking, a user just needs to fill in their preferred pick-up and drop-off location, choose their type and amount of equipment to receive “matches” – companies which want to supply containers on that specific stretch

Trusted partners

Every member of xChange goes through a continuous vetting process to make sure KBL only gets trustworthy and reliable search results

Online negotiation

KBL quickly adds their transaction terms to the request such as the number of free days and starts a short online negotiation via chat to finalize the details


Once the deal is done xChange automatically creates a release document, provides surveying services and gives tracking-data for every single container including estimated arrival dates and tracking alerts. There is no need to write invoices or organize bilateral payments, xChange does the payment handling for KBL (and saves everyone high international banking fees!)

Bottom line: xChange makes it easy to organize SOC containers  

Demurrage and detention are costs that because of poor planning, unforeseen circumstances or bad communication, often can cost your company thousands of dollars.

Organizing SOC container does now take only a few minutes instead of weeks with Container xChange. KBL avoids high demurrage & detention (read more about how to avoid high demurrage & detention) with SOC containers on xChange and makes decisions based on real market data.

What does that mean? Once a new client requires fast delivery into challenging locations KBL uses xChange to easily find containers for that request. Using xChange, KBL is a reliable partner to their customers and able to deliver their freight to every location worldwide within a short time-span.

By using xChange, KBL becomes a reliable partner to its customers and is able to react to market needs within a short period of time. Muhammed Yaseen, Business Development Manager of KBL perfectly summarizes it:

“Although xChange is an online platform I really appreciate their support team. I feel in good hands and do always get a reply within a short period of time. Thereby xChange is like a real partner for us we can trust”