• FELB leases over 4,700 containers quickly and balances fleet across Europe and China
  • Container xChange’s platform enables FELB reduce idle time for containers and find reliable partners

Hamburg, Germany, 27 March 2023: Far East Land Bridge (FELB), a leading railway operator specializing in rail transportation of containers between Europe and Asia, has found success in balancing their fleet and reducing idle time through their partnership with an online container logistics company, Container xChange.

With a fleet of approximately 2600 containers, FELB sought a solution to quickly lease extra units during times of high demand and avoid empty repositioning costs during periods of low demand.

In 2018, FELB joined Container xChange’s leasing platform, primarily using it to book one-way leases when additional containers were needed. However, as they continued to use the platform, FELB also began supplying their own containers to the platform to balance their fleet and decrease idle time.

“Joining Container xChange has exposed us to great opportunities to balance our fleet,” explained Alexander Redkin, COO of FELB. “Imbalance between the Westbound and Eastbound is about 3:1, so we can quickly lease extra units when we have a shortage or supply our units when the market is low.”

“Previously, it was a challenge to find reliable partners to move our containers. And when we did, we had to frequently email them to negotiate terms and conditions, which was a very time-consuming process. Now, with xChange, we can easily find partners to move our containers from Europe to China and all our offers are well structured, saving us time on lengthy negotiations.”, said, Liping Yang and Jinglin Guan, Asset Managers of FELB.

In addition to the benefits of leasing and supplying containers through the platform, FELB also utilizes a tool that provides market container rates and guides the negotiation of leasing contracts with partners. This product has allowed FELB to more accurately determine potential earnings and align their offers to maximize profits.

“Insights shows us the market container rates so we can learn our potential earnings and it guides us when negotiating leasing contracts with partners.” Jinglin Guan further added.

“Balancing a container fleet in today’s volatile market can be challenging. It’s more important than ever to have access to real-time data to make efficient and informed decisions. By providing our customers with a platform for leasing and trading containers and insights into market rates, we are enabling them to make smarter business decisions, reduce idle time, and ultimately achieve greater success in the market. Additionally, our platform allows customers to quickly and easily find reliable partners to move their containers, minimizing costs. – Container xChange CEO, Christian Roeloffs.

Through their use of Container xChange, FELB has gained 55 new reliable p and leased over 4,700 containers since 2018, while reducing idle time for their fleet. FELB employees also praise the platform for its ease of use and the real-time updates it provides on their stock levels and container locations.

To read the case study further, visit: https://www.container-xchange.com/blog/how-felb-balances-its-fleet-and-quickly-leases-boxes-with-xchange/

About Container xChange


The container is one of the most impactful innovations in history—using standardization to power globalization and lift billions of people out of poverty. But contrary to the standardized container itself, most processes in container logistics have not been standardized nor innovated — and are still frustratingly complex, manual and error-prone. Combined with thin margins, this makes it difficult for logistics businesses to survive and thrive.

Container xChange is the leading online platform for container logistics that brings together all relevant companies to book and manage shipping containers as well as to settle all related invoices and payments.

The neutral online platform…

  1. connects supply and demand of shipping containers and transportation services with full transparency on availability, pricing and reputation,
  2. simplifies operations from pickup to drop-off of containers,
  3. and auto-settles payments in real-time for all your transactions to reduce invoice reconciliation efforts and payment costs.

Currently, more than 1500+ vetted container logistics companies trust xChange with their business—and enjoy transparency through performance ratings and partner reviews. Unlike limited personal networks, excel sheets and emails you rely on, Container xChange gives its users countless options to book and manage containers, move faster with confidence and increase profit margins.


About Far East Land Bridge (FELB)

Incepted in 2007, Far East Land Bridge (FELB) is a railway operator that specializes in rail transportation of 40ft DC, 40ft HC and 20ft containers in and between Europe and Asia. The company owns a fleet of about 2600 containers which they supply for one-way leasing. When customer demand is high, they expand their stock by using boxes for one-way.


With offices in Austria, Germany, Italy, and China, 70+ employees, and nearly 16 years of container logistics experience, FELB prides themselves on their rapid transit time, flexibility, and customer orientation.