Flat rack containers are used to ship uniquely shaped or oversized goods – that can’t fit inside a regular container. Read this blog to find out all about flat rack containers. And, how you can source them at the best price. 

Flat rack containers are one of the most versatile containers that make it possible for you to ship unique cargo. These ISO-certified intermodal containers operate just like standard containers. The only difference is that they can accommodate much more.

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What is a flat rack container?

A flat rack container is a specialized container with walls only at the short ends of the container. Since the container type doesn’t have any roof and long walls, you can easily load the oversized and uniquely shaped cargo from the top or sides. As a result, the flat rack container can easily store and ship out of gauge cargo such as machinery, timber, pipes, buses, and boats, among other things.

flat rack container

Since these containers can carry heavy loads, they’re usually in high demand. Many forwarders rely on their local network to get their hands on flat rack containers. Especially, NVOCCs specializing in shipping unique cargo often end up paying high prices due to the low availability of containers locally. Moreover, their local sourcing network may not even have specialized containers like flat rack. 

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Flat rack container dimensions and weight

Flat rack containers usually have the same dimensions as any standard container. However, since these containers only have walls on the short ends, their dimensions are based on an imaginary volume bound between the internal dimensions of the container. 

Flat rack containers come in the standard 20ft and 40ft sizes. But they’re designed to carry heavier and more concentrated loads up to 2,000kg (for 20ft) and 4,000kg (for 40ft). They’re manufactured from steel with softwood flooring.

Let’s take a look at the dimensions before discussing further about the cargo capacity of flat racks.

flat rack container

20ft flat rack dimensions

Here are the dimensions of a 20ft flat rack container.

Dimensions of 20ft flat rack container

Internal length 5.94 m / 19.5 ft
Internal width 2.35 m / 7.7 ft
Internal height 2.35 m / 7.7 ft
Tare weight 2,360 kg / 5,203.8 lbs
Payload capacity 30,140 kg / 66,458.7 lbs
Cubic capacity 32.7 m³ / 1,154.3 cu ft

40ft flat rack dimensions

If your cargo requires more payload capacity than a 20ft flat rack container, you should choose a bigger container, i.e., a 40ft flat rack. Take a look at the dimensions from the table below.

Measurement of 40ft flat rack container

Internal length 12.13 m / 39.8 ft
Internal width 2.40 m / 7.9 ft
Internal height 2.14 m / 7 ft
Tare weight 5,000 kg / 11,025 lbs
Payload capacity 40,000 kg / 88,200 lbs
Cubic capacity 62.2 m³ / 2,195.7 cu ft

40ft HC flat rack dimensions

Apart from 20ft and 40ft, you can also get 40ft high cube flat rack containers in the container market. This is ideal if your cargo requires additional payload capacity as compared to 40ft. Here are the dimensions of a 40ft HC flat rack container.

Measurement of 40ft HC flat rack container

Internal length 12.13 m / 39.8 ft
Internal width 2.40 m / 7.9 ft
Internal height 2.29 m / 7.5 ft
Tare weight 5,200kg / 11,460 lbs
Payload capacity 47,300 kg / 104,280 lbs
Cubic capacity 66.7 m³ / 2,354.3 cu ft

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The biggest advantage of a flat rack container is that you can’t limit its capacity. Since there are no side walls or roofs, you can load these containers with any cargo as long as they meet the payload criteria. However, you may also want to choose between collapsible and non-collapsible flat racks. Read on to find out more.

Types of flat rack containers

There are two kinds of flat rack containers: Collapsible and Non-collapsible. Let’s take a look at the difference between the two.

flat rack container

Collapsible flat rack

As the name suggests, collapsible flat rack containers have detachable or foldable walls. These units are very easy to store and transport since they don’t have any height. When not in use, collapsible flat racks can be easily stored and they take up less space. 

Here’s a fun fact: Did you know that 4 collapsible flat racks, when stacked, take up the space of a single standard container?

This is especially helpful during repositioning when you don’t want to pay the full price for vessel slots. This helps you save money on transport.

The only disadvantage of collapsible flat rack containers is that the absence of walls makes them structurally weaker than the non-collapsible container.

Non-collapsible flat rack

As the name suggests, non-collapsible flat rack containers have fixed walls at both short ends. This flat rack type has a stronger construction and a higher top load. The only disadvantage of non-collapsible flat rack containers is that it takes a lot of space when not in use.

Getting the right flat rack in the right dimensions is quite difficult if you solely rely on your local network. This is because your local sourcing channel may not have specialized containers like flat racks in your desired location. You certainly don’t want to miss out on the big bucks that Out of Gauge shipment can earn you!

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Cargo shipped in flat rack container

You must know by now that a flat rack can carry goods that a standard container cannot. From agricultural produce like sugarcane to windmills, flat rack containers can carry them all, especially industrial goods. Let’s have a look at some of the most commonly shipped cargo.

  • Breakbulk goods
  • Heavy machinery
  • Transformers
  • Boilers
  • Tanks
  • Construction equipment
  • Cranes
  • Pipes and tubes
  • Turbines
  • Automobiles
  • Steel
  • Glass

Whatever cargo you’re planning to ship, it’s important that it’s loaded properly without exerting any pressure on the goods itself. For this reason, it’s better to store your flat racks either at the top of the container stack or on the ground. This prevents accidental damage due to contact with other cargo or containers.

Now, you must be wondering if three sides of the container are open, how does the cargo remain secure?

Flat rack containers come with lashing rings on the side rails, floor, and corners. You can keep the cargo in place by cross or loop lashing with the help of chain or web lashing. Some containers even come with lashing winches, latching belts, and stanchions to provide additional support and security for the cargo.

How to choose the right flat rack container

Now that you know about the design, dimensions, uses, and types of flat rack containers, it’s time to decide which one will fit your needs the best.

There are a few things to take into consideration before investing in one:

  • Cargo type
  • Concentrated load
  • Payload
  • Loading and unloading process

There may be times when the unique shape of your cargo might not evenly distribute over the entire length. With such cargo, you’ve to ensure that you’re not going over the concentrated load limit. The concentrated load should not exceed the floor strength of the container. The load limit is usually set at 2,000kg for 20ft FR and 4,000kg for 40ft FR.

If your cargo is distributed evenly, then its collective weight should be within the payload range of the flat rack container. The payload capacity is usually set at 30,000kg for 20ft FR and 40,000kg for 40ft FR. You should also figure out your loading and unloading process so you can choose between collapsible and non-collapsible container types.

Lastly, the most important factor to consider is the pricing. If you struggle to find the prices of containers, we’ve got the perfect solution for you. Read on to find out more.

How much do flat rack containers cost? 

Now that you know all about flat rack containers, the last thing to consider before making the purchase is the price. Take a look at the table below to get an average price of cargo-worthy flat rack containers in your location. 

Location 20ft flat rack 40ft flat rack
USA $2098 $2900
China $2048 $2802
India $2354 $3480
Europe $2492 $3294
UAE No data $2000

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Flat rack container: Frequently asked questions

What are the dimensions of a flat rack container?

The internal dimensions of a standard 20ft flat container is19.5ft X 7.7ft X 7.7ft. Whereas, the internal dimensions of a 40ft flat rack container is 39.8ft X 7.9ft X 7.

What cargo uses flat rack container?

Flat rack container is used to ship and store oversized cargo and uniquely shaped cargo such as breakbulk cargo, construction equipment, cranes, pipes, windmills, automobiles, steel, glass, and sugarcane among other things.

What is flat rack in shipping?

Flat rack in shipping refers to flat rack container type. It's a container type used to ship oversized, heavy, and uniquely shaped cargo.


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