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We know that things are far from predictable right now in the logistics world. Between the recent pandemic, the lockdowns in China, and the war in Ukraine, container prices have been all over the place. Not to mention container availability, which can leave you without boxes at the busiest of times.

We bet you’ve lost count of how often you’ve tried to compare prices online or get a full list of costs upfront when buying containers – with no success. Does constantly vetting new suppliers make you want to set your laptop on fire? We get it.

Luckily, we’ve got a solution for you. On Container xChange, we offer you a single, transparent marketplace to buy, sell and lease shipping containers of all types and sizes.

Once you’re a member, you’ll have access to over 10,000 boxes, available in over 2,500 unique locations around the globe.

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Container price: How much do shipping containers cost?

If you’re tired of inflated prices and all of those sneaky added fees, you’ve come to the right place. We know that in general, there’s a lack of price transparency in the market, making it difficult to predict container price trends.

Here are some average prices for containers traded worldwide on the xChange platform.

You can find a new 20ft container starting at US $2,751 and a new 40ft container at US $4,208. A new 40ft high cube container will cost you an average of US $5,318.

If you’re looking for a 20ft reefer container, you can get one at US $12,835. The 40ft alternative costs an average of US $18,819. A typical 20ft open top container costs US $4,013.

Note: The container prices here are based on thousands of transactions on the xChange trading platform in 2022.

What determines the container price

Many things influence the price of a shipping container. We’ll go over some of the biggest factors below:

Geographical location: The cost of containers in specific locations varies depending on supply and demand. The current economic situation and the price of steel in a region can have a huge effect on container prices. Also, take into account whether or not the location you’re looking in is landlocked. Landlocked areas without direct access to the sea mean that transit costs are higher.

Container condition: The price of your shipping container depends on whether you choose to buy a new or a cargo-worthy box. Generally, new boxes can be quite costly, whereas used boxes can be picked up at pretty reasonable prices. Used containers are especially useful for storage. We’ll go into more detail on container conditions later on.

Cost of delivery: Going for the right supplier is important, as delivery fees can add up to more than the container cost itself! Prices vary depending on distance, number of containers and delivery time. The further the container is from your destination, the higher the delivery fees. So choose wisely when you decide where you want containers from. Learn more about costs here.

Container size: Of course, the price also depends on the size of the box. Generally speaking, container prices increase with the size of the box. Although – take note – a 40ft box is only about 20-30% more than a 20ft box. So, it goes without saying, it’s better value for money to go for a 40ft container.

Shipping container price for popular container sizes

As you well know, there are 3 standard containers: 20ft, 40ft and 40ft HC. Let’s take a look at the prices for these popular container types on xChange, as well as their dimensions.

20ft container

The 20ft container is great for transporting large machinery and raw materials. The 20ft is often used to transport cargo to ports without sophisticated lifting equipment. Why? Because it’s light and small of course. It’s also the most popular choice for intermodal transport, as it’s the easiest to move around.

For a standard 20ft container in 3 popular locations, you’re looking at the following prices:

USA India China
US $3,485  US $3,181 US $3,398

20ft dry container

40ft container

The 40ft is often a good investment, as it’s usually only around 20-30% more than the 20ft, but is double the size! 40fts are great for transporting consumer goods such as cotton, furniture, clothing, grains and electronics.

For a standard 40ft on our platform, you’re looking at:

USA China
US $3,956 US $6,101

40ft dry container

40ft HC container

The 40ft HC has extra height, and is perfect for taller cargo. Like the 40ft, it’s used to carry large amounts of lighter consumer goods like furniture, electronics, grains and clothing.

Here are some current prices for 40ft HCs on xChange:

USA India China
US $4,749 US $5,734 US $9,997

40ft HC

Interested in learning more about container types, sizes and uses? Check out this separate blog post to learn about 12 different kinds of containers.

Shipping container price development according to location

As we’ve just seen, container prices vary greatly from location to location. Even within one location, prices can fluctuate drastically, depending on the current economic and political situation.

Let’s take a look at how container prices have changed in some popular locations over the last 8 months.

Container prices in India

Recently, due to the economic crisis in Sri Lanka, a lot of shipping traffic has been diverted to India. Indian ports have been expanding their capacity in order to deal with this influx of cargo.

In May this year, due to a 25% shortage in containers, Chennai port faced steadily rising shipping costs.

Also in May, Mundra was the costliest port in the world for 20ft boxes, and the second costliest for 40ft containers. For 40ft HCs, it’s the 7th costliest port in the world right now.

Container prices in China

Recently, China’s logistics industry has taken a major hit, with lockdowns in Shanghai bringing container flow to a halt.

As can be seen in the graphs, prices for both 20ft and 40ft containers have plummeted since last year, for 3 of the major ports. These numbers picked up at the end of May 2022 for the first time since September 2021.

Container prices in the US

In June 2022, outbound container movement in the US continued to drop, while inbound traffic saw a major surge. Import volumes have been steadily increasing in US ports since 2019.

In April this year, Houston experienced its busiest month in history. Container prices for 20ft boxes dropped by 7.8% and for 40HCs, by 9.6%. In June, the average prices picked up by 4.80% for 20ft and 5.20% for 40HCs.

Ports like Miami and Oakland are currently among the top 10 costliest ports for 20DCs at USD $2,504 and USD $2,477 respectively.

Want to learn more about current container prices and how they fluctuate? Check out the full container logistics report here.

Looking to buy boxes in your location? Check out our trading public search to see just how easy it is to find 100s of boxes near you. Simply type in your location, and the container type you’re looking for, and press ‘search’ to get started.

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Container condition: Used container price

Purchasing used boxes can often be a smart move. This is because the prices for second-hand containers are significantly lower than for new containers. Let’s check out some of the different types of used containers as well as their prices.


A cargo-worthy container is a used box that still meets all of the safety requirements for transporting goods by sea. The box must meet all criteria stipulated by the CSC (convention for safe containers). A cargo-worthy container must have a valid CSC plate, showing that it has been safety approved.


A wind and watertight box is one that passes the CSC criteria, but has usually undergone multiple repairs, and has extensive markings, scratches and corrosion on the body.

These can also be used for storage, as they’re cheap but still keep the elements out.


An as-is container can be picked up very cheaply. However, they’re usually pretty damaged, and are no longer able to transport cargo safely. As-is boxes are usually not even suitable for storage, and need a lot of repair work done.

Want to know more about container conditions? Click here to find out all you need to know.

Prices for used containers

Let’s compare prices for these three container conditions on xChange:

WWT Cargo-worthy As-is
20ft US $1,853 US $2,290 US $1,719
40ft US $3,270 US $3,732 US $2,566

How to get shipping containers for sale at the best container price

So you’re interested in finding and buying containers at great prices! Let’s learn more about the xChange platform and what we offer.

On xChange, you’ll get complete price transparency, so you don’t have to worry about any nasty surprises when it comes to paying up. We bet you’ve been looking for this for a long time.

Why are our prices so good, you may be wondering? Well, with over 10,000 containers available at any one time, our marketplace is regulated and availability is always high. So we offer market rates on containers that can’t be rivaled anywhere else in the market. Sometimes, our prices are actually lower than market rate for all container types.

Once you’re a member, you can compare the prices of deals from multiple suppliers quickly and efficiently, because of our convenient dashboard view. This makes it easy to decide which deal is the best for you, without having to keep switching tabs and accounts.

On xChange, all costs are available upfront. No more worrying about hidden fees, or sneaky added commission. Yup, we have a 0% commission rate. Hard to believe, huh?

All prices on the platform are negotiable, so once you’ve found a box you like, it’s time to start discussing your terms. It’s so easy to get the price you want, when you can negotiate directly with sellers themselves. Yes, we’re serious, there are no middle men involved!

You can also be instantly notified about new offers that fit your price criteria, you can activate the market scanner. This way you’ll always be ahead of the curve.

Not 100% sure you’re ready to commit? You can sign up for our free trading plan, where you’ll be able to trade without paying a subscription fee. If you love the platform and want access to more features, we’ll be happy to upgrade your membership, any time.

Buy containers on xChange commission-free

We know that finding and buying containers can be a complete nightmare. From hidden costs to piles of admin, back and forth communications and being let down last minute, frustrations can run high.

We offer a 100% secure platform and take the time to vet and pre-approve all of our members, so that you don’t have to. Extra cautious about who you trade with? Make use of our ‘trusted sellers’, those with the highest ratings and reviews. You can’t go wrong.

On xChange, you can do everything from searching for boxes and negotiating deals to payments, invoicing and even container tracking.

Finally, on xChange, you can have all of your deals, communications, files and invoices in one convenient place. It’s so easy to refer back, and check your transaction history. So close all of those tabs, and log out of those accounts, it’s time to simplify your workflow once and for all.

We work with some of the biggest names in the industry, and so can you. Once you’re a member, you’ll have access to Seaco Global, Kuehne + Nagel and Cosco, to name just a few. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a small or a big player, anyone can work with anyone, right from the get go.

On xChange, you’ll finally have access to hundreds of boxes from reliable suppliers, all from the comfort of your office.

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What is the cost of a 40ft shipping container?

The cost of a 40ft container will depend on the location, current supply and demand, and the condition of the box. In the US, you’re looking at around US $3,956 for a standard 40ft, and in India around US $6,101.

How much does a container cost?

The cost of a container will completely depend on the size and condition you’re looking for. For a standard 20ft box, you’re looking at an average price of around US $3,354 and for a 40ft container, around US $5,028.

What is the price of a 20ft container?

For a 20ft container, you’re looking at around US $3,485 for a box from the US, US $3,181 for a box from India, and from China about US $3,398.

What is the size of a standard shipping container?

The two most common sizes are the 20ft and the 40ft containers. The 20ft container is 5.9m / 19.4ft in length, 2.3m / 7.8ft in internal width and 2.3m / 7.9ft in height. The 40ft container is 12m / 39.5ft in length, 2.4m / 7.9ft in internal width and 2.3m / 7.9ft in height.

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