How Indus saves container repositioning costs with xChange

Indus Container Lines is a NVOCC from India and uses and supplies containers on xChange to

  • Get release references for new containers within 5 mins

  • Completely avoid empty container repositioning

  • Grow its customer base in new locations

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About Indus Container Lines

Indus Container Lines, was founded in 2004 as a part of Natvar Parikh, a family-owned shipping company with a 70-year legacy. Today, Indus Container Lines has 72 employees working from their headquarters in Mumbai, India and their commercial offices in New Delhi, India and Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Indus Container Lines mainly works with customs brokers, forwarders and a few BCOs on the Indian Subcontinent, Middle East, Intra-Asia and Europe. Most essential for their business is, “ensuring that we can provide high service levels to customers supported by focused backend processes,” said Mr Parikh, to which he added that, “from a cost side, we need to ensure that our equipment is utilized at all times, at least as far as possible.”

Container repositioning was costly

“Empty container repositioning is the worst thing an NVOCC can do, as we don’t own any vessel”

Sujan Parikh
CEO, Indus Container Lines

Empty container repositioning is costly

Without xChange, Indus Container Lines would have to either drop sell rates to speed up the evacuation of equipment or empty repo which is the worst thing an NVOCC can do as they don’t own any vessel.

Not enough equipment at some locations

The biggest challenge for Indus Container Lines was to look for equipment in those locations for a short-term one-way move, without having to incur additional costs to on-hire the containers. “If we don’t have available containers, we can only drop sell rates to speed up the evacuation of equipment!” Parikh said.

Takes long time to get back to customers

Speed is all that matters in Container Logistics. “We can’t let our customers wait for days until we get back to them,” Parikh said. “If it takes us too long to have equipment available, we lose the business … that’s just how it is”

Reduce waiting time for customers

With xChange, Indus Container Lines is able to approach hundreds of companies with one single request instead of approaching every company individually. “Having the network that xChange provides available leads to a reduced waiting time for our customers and helps us win deals”, Parikh said.”

Reliable partners who he can trust with his assets

The vetting process to make sure only trustworthy partners get access to xChange is the most important part for Indus Container Lines. Because xChange does the payment handling and uses partner Reviews & Ratings, Parikh and his team can easily decide between different offers and partners.

xChange allows Indus to maintain good prices

Since joining xChange we completely avoid empty container repositioning as the platform allows us to work with hundreds of partners. If we don’t have cargo or a customer waiting in another location, xChange is our go-to source.

Indus finds reliable partners with xChange

“xChange introduced us to other NVOs and smaller regional operators. It was very easy to understand the platform from day one”

Sujan Parikh
CEO, Indus Container Lines

“When we lease out equipment for repositioning, reliability of the corresponding party on the other side is the most important part for us, because they take our most important assets.”

Sujan Parikh, Managing Director 

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