How VS&B Containers saves hours of work vetting partners

VS&B Containers Group is a trading and leasing company from India that uses xChange to reposition and sell containers.

  • Save several hours per week

  • Can react to market trends on time

  • Feel safe when doing business with new partners

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About VS&B Containers Group

VS&B operates in domestic leasing (within India) and international containers leasing as well as used and new container sales from their headquarter in Chennai, India and their 11 offices from Germany to Indonesia.

A team of more than 30 colleagues who speak 15 languages in total serve rail operators, NVOCCs, forwarders, shipping lines and storage providers in need of equipment.

With a regional focus on the Indian subcontinent, the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia, VS&B differentiates from their competition through being accessible 16 hours a day, 6 days a week, across 5 time zones , experience in the business, integrity and proactive service.

Difficulties with making deals in new locations

“If my containers don’t arrive on time, I don’t get the price I was initially expecting I would get”

Archana Jayakrishnan
VS&B Containers

Limited personal network

Back in the days, VS&B had no other choice than going with their contacts when organizing one-way moves. “If you expand to different locations you need a partner who is already there”, Archana said”,”otherwise, you’re stuck with the network you already have or you can’t make the deal”.”Doing all the research, vetting people through references and checking their LinkedIn profiles to make sure you can trust them with our assets takes a lot of time”.

Partner reliability was an issue

“When partners don’t pick up the units on time we have to pay tremendous storage charges”. But more importantly “if my containers don’t arrive on time, I don’t get the price I was initially expecting I would get”, Archana mentioned.“How our partners handle our boxes is most important for us! The DPP covers minor damages but going through the hassle of repairing units is annoying and time-consuming!”.

Speed in doing business

At VS&B Containers we use xChange in existing markets in case we have no equipment available but also for expanding to other markets. “Container xChange plays a very important role in our expansion strategy, the fact that the platform has supply & demand in more than 2500 locations and the transparency it provides is one of our biggest advantages,” Archana said.

No more operational hassle

“Payment handling and the built-in container insurance was most important when we evaluated Container xChange before joining”, Archana said.“I love to look at potential partners’ company profiles”, Archana continued, “reading their ratings & reviews and seeing how they perform on the platform makes it easy to choose the right partner”.

Access to the global one-way market

“I can trust the xChange vetting process when leasing out units to new partners through the platform”

Archana Jayakrishnan
VS&B Containers

“xChange saves me hours of work each week that I would otherwise spend on finding and vetting new partners”

Archana Jayakrishnan, Leasing Manager 

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