Want to avoid demurrage
and detention?

Container xChange is the online platform that helps you avoid demurrage and detention with SOC containers.

The secret to avoiding the expensive demurrage and detention charges

Demurrage and detention charges can quickly add up and become 20 times more expensive than the container itself. With the risk of extra charges always lurking around the corner, this has become a common question:

How do I avoid demurrage and detention charges?

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SOC containers, also known as Shipper Owned Containers, can help you get around these hidden extra fees. With SOC containers you borrow the boxes of a container owner often moving containers from a surplus to deficit area. Saving the container owner money on storage and repositioning. In turn, giving you more free days and low per diem charges.

No carrier owned containers. No hidden fees. No demurrage and detention charges.

Connecting global container logistics, Container xChange makes it easy for you to get started with SOC containers. On the xChange platform, you can find vetted SOC owners, who have boxes where you need them.

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How to avoid demurrage and detention charges with SOCs

Demurrage and detention charges are fees, shipping lines and carriers charge to compensate for the use of their containers. And encourage container users to return the boxes within the free days.

With SOC containers, you use a container owner’s equipment. Often, you use it for a one-way move and return the box at your partner’s depot at the port of destination. You’re responsible for planning the containers’ journey from point A to B.

Most of the time, you can use SOC containers for free. Container owners aren’t only interested in making a quick buck. They also want you to reposition their SOC containers – a way for them to get their equipment where they need it without paying for empty repositioning.

That’s why SOC owners charge almost no per-diem fees.

Our public search helps you find SOC containers

Never tried SOC containers before? No need to worry. Container xChange is here to make it easy for you.

As an xChange member, all you have to do is type in your pick-up and drop-off location. Instantly, you’ll get a list of potential SOC partners ready to strike a deal.

To make it even easier, all companies undergo background checks before becoming active members on xChange. That way, you can easily find trustworthy SOC partners online.

600+ forwarders avoid demurrage and detention with xChange

Demurrage and detention charges
mounting up

You’ve probably struggled with containers stuck in the terminals for an infinitely long time. Port congestion. Shortage of chassis. Customs issues. Vessel delays. So many things can unexpectedly make it impossible to stick to the agreed free days.

Waiting, helplessly, and stressing about container delays is something most exporters have experienced. Just the thought of another day passing, where you have to pay demurrage and detention charges for all the delayed containers. That’s enough to make a nervous sweat spread across the forehead.

Because demurrage and detention charges can quickly add up. So quickly, that you can end up with a bill that is higher than the worth of the containers.

Want to skip the stress and money-loss because of demurrage and detention? Container xChange is here to help you get started with SOC containers, with membership starting at only $199 per month.

Try our search function and see how many containers are ready to be shipped from your preferred pick-up and drop-off location.

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Avoid demurrage and detention with SOCs

With SOC containers you also benefit from these things:

⚡️ Find containers for remote locations without high carrier rates.

⚡️ Buy or lease the containers? The choice is all yours.

⚡️ Find containers for remote locations without high carrier rates.

⚡️ Buy or lease the containers? The choice is all yours.

Wonder how SOCs help avoid demurrage
and detention?

With today’s container shortage and port congestion, it can be difficult to find containers. Thinking outside the box can give you the best chance at finding the equipment you need.

To simplify your job and ease your manual workload, you get access to more than 500 carriers, leasing companies, and traders on Container xChange.These companies have available SOCs listed in more than 2500 locations worldwide on the platform. You can get access to the platform starting at only $199 per month.

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Do you want to avoid demurrage and detention but are wondering if SOC containers are for you?

 Here are some more situations where SOC containers are good alternatives👇

⚡️ If you transport cargo on busy shipping stretches and from surplus locations. You can usually get good rates on those lanes.

⚡️ When you move cargo outside the busy shipping routes, to war zones such as Afghanistan and Iraq, and landlocked countries like Uganda.

⚡️ When you move cargo to inland locations. The distance between the loading point and the nearest available containers can quickly increase trucking costs. And in turn your freight bill.

⚡️If you ship to a special or surplus location. Carriers often don’t have an interest in getting containers situated in those places. Turning up freight prices.

No more demurrage and detention with Container xChange

No more demurrage. No more detention.

In an industry that is constantly changing, adapting is key. SOC containers give you the freedom to plan your transportation according to your needs.

Shipper owned containers give you increased freedom, as well as increased responsibility. But using SOCs doesn’t have to be that difficult.

At Container xChange we’re here to help you find and use SOC containers. Our online platform gives you the flexibility and transparency to source SOCs in more than 2500 locations worldwide right here in your browser.

Want to see how simple it is to find partners and SOC containers on Container xChange? Our team will be happy to give you a tour of the platform.

Find SOC containers with xChange

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