The third edition of the annual networking conference by Container xChange – Digital Container Summit held on 15-16 September this year witnessed all-time record 1500+ meetings and 500+ players from the container logistics industry attending the event to network and grow their business. Key leaders from the industry who attended the event include Seacube Container Leasing, Flexport, Maersk, Agility Logistics, Riege Software to name a few.

The two days helped customers and industry to pause and reflect on the industry developments, disruptions and talk about digital preparedness for the future of the industry.  The breakout zones and open lounges helped businesses network for growing their business. 

Lars Jensen, CEO, Vespucci Maritime, in a very interesting session, said,“There will be a new landscape that will emerge in 2022-2025.” explains Lars as he opens a session on the container logistics scenario. He explained that the demand boom as it may seem is much of a revival from the pandemic hit demand slump and the demand growth is slowly moving towards stagnation. As part of the track titled Market Outlook, Eric Johnson gave insights, data and analysis on the container shipping industry’s digital approach and outlook, and how we can make the digital transformation happen.

The two days of power-packed lineup witnessed interesting sessions, masterclasses, 1:1 meetings and panel discussions. As per Martin Dixon, Director, Head of Research Projects, Drewry, by the end of July, the order book for new vessels had reached 3.5 billion TEU for 2021 which already exceeded the previous year’s record of 3.3 million TEU (from 2007). “We are going to see quite an acceleration in the fleet which we will see by 2023. The Chinese manufacturers increased capacity by around between 12 and 15 over the period since the late summer of last year. What we are seeing here is initiatives to increase the production of containers outside of China.” 

The industry experts emphasized the need to adapt to digital capabilities and technologies for a truly operational effective organization and to transform the future of shipping logistics. The discussions centered around the topics including port congestions, soaring prices, global container shortage (or as it may seem), container capacity issues and vessel capacity concerns around the globe. With every year, the event adds hundreds of attendees, and the conversations are gaining more depth and analysis from the industry leaders. 

You can access the recording of the sessions here