Chilled container is another nickname for refrigerated containers. You should consider chilled container hire if you’re looking for a large capacity, cost-effective solution to transport temperature-sensitive items.

In this blog, you’ll learn:

  • Chilled containers are special boxes that are ideal to transport temperature-sensitive goods such as meat, fruits, veggies, and dairy products.
  • They’re an excellent option for on-site cold-storage purposes.
  • xChange helps you get these boxes at the most competitive rates of US $579.5.
  • Save money on one-way leasing with xChange. Get a 40ft HC at US $644.

Lease chilled container

Imagine this: A long-term customer comes to you with an urgent request to ship seafood for a new restaurant opening the next month. What would you do? Well, when an urgent need like this arises, your saving grace is getting a chilled container. This way, you assure your customer that the items remain in shape, fresh, and fit for consumption.

But now, you’d ask if it’s a cost-effective solution since containers are expensive? Yes, if you want to get one of these boxes, we suggest you consider the option of leasing. Since the requirement is only for a few days, leasing is more cost-effective than buying, any day. We’ll understand this concept more in detail in the latter part of the blog. But before that, let’s refresh our minds on what a chilled container is and what it does.

What is a chilled container?

Chilled containers are special boxes that are used for the transportation of temperature-sensitive goods such as meat, fruits, veggies, and dairy products. Along with transportation, these boxes are widely and most commonly used for cold storage purposes. As mentioned earlier, chilled containers are another nickname for refrigerated containers. You might also know them as reefers. They keep goods frozen and in the best condition possible.

Here, it’s essential to understand that chilled containers and insulated containers are different container types as they work differently. Sometimes, the two are confused and interchangeably used. Let’s take a quick look at the distinctions.

Difference between chilled and insulated containers?

The main difference between chilled and insulated containers is the cooling system.

  • Chilled containers work with a motor and need power through a generator. Insulated containers offer a steady temperature and maintain the initial temperature. It comes without a refrigerated cooling system.
  • An insulated container comes with a double wall and is vacuumed to minimize heat and cold transfer within the interior and exterior conditions. It also prevents condensation and moisture. Whereas, chilled containers provide the exact temperature needed for cargo, thanks to their cooling solution.
  • Chilled containers are ideal for shipping temperature-sensitive goods such as seafood, meat, fruits, and medicines. Insulated boxes can carry products with longer shelf life such as onions or potatoes, where there is no need for a specific temperature.
  • Chilled containers can easily be used for long-duration storage or shipments. Insulated containers are better for shorter duration or transportation.

Experience more flexibility with your shipping with one-way leasing

Make your search for chilled containers an effortless experience, just as it should be. In your case of shipping the seafood from one location to the other, we recommend you try out one-way leasing.

With this type of leasing, you only use a container to move the cargo one way. You increase your operational flexibility, avoid container repositioning costs and also save up on freight rates. And once the container reaches its destination, you needn’t worry about returning the box to the carrier within a set time frame.

At xChange, we help you find containers for one-way lease from 1000+ vetted, trustworthy partners. Additionally, we simplify your contract negotiations. Check out our leasing platform and see how easily you can find a chilled container.

All you need to do is select “I want to use container”, choose your pick-up and drop-off locations, and hit the search button. Find these boxes at the most competitive leasing rates just where you need them. And crack the best deals at your fingertips.

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If you still have any questions, reach out to our colleague in the bottom right corner. He’s waiting to assist you with any queries you may have. Go for it!

Chilled container hire: Cost-effective on-site storage

Not just for your shipping needs, a chilled container hire is a cost-effective mantra even for your on-site cargo storage.

If you buy a refrigerated container you have to pay a huge amount in one go, anywhere between US $5,600 to US $7,000. But, if you lease a box, there’s no upfront payment. You just rent a container for an average pick-up rate anywhere between US $579.5 to US $1000.

This is why hiring is a cost-effective solution for you if you need a container for temporary use and a short duration. And of course, it’s easy on your wallet. It works just like renting your home furniture or your apartment.

Expand your cold-storage capacity with 10ft, 20ft and 40ft refrigerated container hire

10ft, 20ft and 40ft chilled containers are popular storage options you got there.

A 10ft container can hold 4-6 euro pallets per layer. Whereas, a 20ft chilled container is good to ship pharmaceuticals, dairy products, flowers, and meats. It can fit 8-10 Euro pallets per layer. And your 40ft chilled containers can accommodate up to 20 metric pallets.

If you’re wondering how to find these containers for your next shipment, xChange can help you! Remember we spoke about one-way container leasing? One-way leasing has been growing in popularity in the last couple of years.

And the good news is that you can lease one-way containers easily on our leasing marketplace. You can find the container you’re looking for, on the stretch you need, from the comfort of your desk. We get you the best deals from 1000+ shipping companies in 2500 locations globally. So, it’s almost like “not finding a container” is yesterday’s problem.

Additionally, you also get to work with the big names of the industry such as Kuehne+Nagel, Seaco Global, Sorgese, Sarjak, and more. Sounds exciting, right? You can get access to them too.

Click on the banner below to lease one-way containers in your preferred region and partners. And you can do all this in just a few simple steps. Don’t worry, if you get stuck, our team is here to ease things out for you.

Chilled container hire – your ideal option for temperature-sensitive cargo shipment

By now, you’re already aware that chilled containers are versatile in nature and can move your temperature-sensitive goods effortlessly.

In fact, many like you are already leasing chilled containers to ship such goods with ease across the globe. You can help your customer to ship their seafood for the restaurant opening on time, fresh, and safely.

Temperature of goods in a reefer container

For an easy understanding of chilled container hire, let’s categorize them into – the food, pharmaceutical, and flower industries.

As you’re already aware, perishable food items need special equipment while shipping. Refrigerated boxes are the ideal choice for such shipments. They keep cargo such as meat, seafood, and dairy from getting spoilt.

The pharmaceutical industry is using chilled containers to transport medical supplies for years. A perfect example is the transportation of COVID-19 vaccines across countries.

Many flower exporters leverage the special design of the chilled container to transport flowers. This type of container keeps the flowers fresh before they reach the market.

Benefits of refrigerated container hire

You’ve probably already thought about how refrigerated container hire is beneficial for you. So here are a few leasing benefits you can consider:

  • Refrigerated container hire is a cost-effective solution especially if your requirement is temporary and for a shorter duration.
  • You can also benefit from hiring a container in emergency times when you don’t have enough cash in hand to buy a box. But again, why buy and waste your dollars when the requirement is only temporary, right?
  • You can lease a container for both short-term and long-term — contrary to popular belief that leasing is only for the long term. Don’t believe us? Check out our detailed blog on leasing and the different lease agreements.


Now, if you’ve decided to lease a chilled container, you don’t have to look any further. xChange provides you with a safe space to crack great deals. If there are goods you urgently need to ship, you can lease one-way containers from 1000+ leasing companies on xChange. Choose the deal that suits you the best and accept it only when you’re happy with it.

The platform also gives you full market price transparency. So, you can see the offers made by these vetted members, compare the rates and choose a deal that suits you the best.

Still wary of the authenticity of these companies? You can check out their profiles and review their performance before dealing with them. Click the banner below to see these exciting rates.

How much to pay for a refrigerated container hire?

Here comes the big question! How much should you actually pay while hiring a refrigerated container? And it’s essential to know this so that you don’t end up paying more than you should. Additionally, having an understanding of the leasing industry market trends will also help you get better and genuine deals.

But before we jump into the rates, it’s worth mentioning that the price of a chilled container varies due to many factors such as:

  • Geographical location
  • Container supply and demand
  • Size and type of the container
  • Duration of your requirement

Let’s talk money!

If you’re looking for a 20ft chilled container, the average pick-up rate is US $2385. And for a 40ft container, get ready to shell out an average pick-up rate of US $579.5. And a 40ft HC box will cost you US $644. This price can obviously vary depending on the company you’re dealing with.

Please note that all the rates you see are based on the one-way leasing transactions made on the xChange platform. And they’re subject to changes.

You can get more in-depth details on refrigerated shipping container rentals in this separate blog.

Since we’re talking money, let’s give you a glimpse of the three most popular stretches on xChange and their average pick-up rates.

If you lease a chilled container from Portugal to the Netherlands, you’ll pay an average pick-up rate of US $8.76. The rate changes to US $0.83 in the Netherlands to Ireland stretch. This drastic difference in the rate that you’re noticing depends on the location and the demand for refrigerated containers in these regions.

Note: The above rates are based on the various transactions happening on the leasing platform and are subject to change.

It’s time you give yourself some rest from searching hundreds of websites to find the best leasing deal. Turn to Container xChange and get your hands on these competitive rates with ease. It doesn’t end here. We mean, you’ll have access to profiles of companies you see on the platform — you can check their performance and compare the rates with others. And when you’re absolutely happy with the offered rate, is when you deal. We would still like you to try it yourself. Click on the banner below and explore the space.

Get your next refrigerated and chilled container hire on xChange

You’ll have many benefits if you hire a refrigerated and chilled container on xChange. Container xChange provides a neutral platform for both container owners and users. The 1000+ vetted members on our marketplace spread across 2500+ locations make it easy for you to find a container as smooth as butter.

You can literally connect with any company you want to work with, in just a few steps. You can view their profiles and performance ratings before making a deal. Moreover, the platform gives you 100% market price transparency — this means, you compare the price, choose a rate you’re happy with, and then fix the deal.

review and rating

Read more: Top 10 container leasing companies on xChange

On our platform, we see 10k+ transactions per month. Do you know what that means? A hassle-free experience to get your hands on the lowest one-way leasing rates for reefers.

Want to know more about the benefits of xChange? Click on the banner below and our support team will reach out to you. You can take a quick tour of how everything works here and also get a sneak peek at some of the lowest rates.

What is a hired refrigeration container?

A hired refrigerated container is ideal for you if you take part in the cold supply chain. You can hire a refrigerated container long term, short term, and even for a one-way lease.

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