How Orange Container Line drives staff productivity and maximizes business operations with xChange

Orange Container Line, an NVOCC in Rotterdam, The Netherlands increased their business efficiency, found the best pricing opportunities, and successfully leased nearly 7,000 SOC containers in under 2 years.

How did they find such opportunities and gain the visibility they needed to kick start their recently incepted business?

Read on to find out how.

About Orange Container Line

Founded in 2020, Orange Container Line is an NVOCC company based in Rotterdam that specializes in the shipment of owned and third-party containers between Europe, The Middle East, and the Far East. The company is part of the van Donge & de Roo group of companies (Established in 1977) and is founded on the value pillars of perseverance and good faith.

Their goal is to provide stellar container shipping services to all their customers by fully understanding their needs and making the best market decisions possible.

“We’ve found better opportunities and met reliable partners”

Co-owner of Orange CL, Jack Sun has been using xChange since 2017 and opted to leverage xChange’s leasing marketplace when starting up the company in 2020. Mr. Sun shared his experience and explained the reason behind employing the platform instead of taking the “open market” route:

“The leasing platform offers us far better opportunities and rates compared to if we did it ourselves or took the open market path. Also, we get a much wider reach, deal with only reliable partners, and transact with full security compared to other alternatives.”

Moreover, Mr. Sun emphasized that using xChange daily has not only helped them manage their container operations but also improved the rate at which they execute their operations:

“We use xChange every day because it helps us effectively lease and manage containers even with a small workforce. Without the leasing platform, we wouldn’t have propelled our staff’s productivity and maximized our business operation efficiency.”

“Better unit management with Container Control”

And to top it all off, Orange CL has been an avid user of Container Control since its debut and had this to reveal about their experience:

“Container Control is a great container management tool. You’ll discover the location of your containers, their number, and whether they are damaged. The support staff for this platform is also great. For example, we contacted the team at 5 pm when we needed to swiftly upload our entire inventory to the platform, and everything was uploaded the next morning.”

Orange CL has been a loyal member of xChange for 2 years now, utilizing our innovative tools to send their business operations into overdrive. We can’t wait to see what more the future holds for the company with their trusted companion – Container xChange – by their side.

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