The technology has for long not changed much in container logistics. What is changing, is the people in the industry. And that’s vital to keep up with the technology, according to Eytan Buchman, CMO at Freightos.

Six years ago, Eytan Buchman, CMO at Freightos, took his first step in the container logistics industry.

And in the beginning questions such as ‘How tall is a 20ft container?’ could throw him off his game (for anyone interested, the common height of a 20ft is between 2.36-2.39 meters 😉). And so, Buchman became a man with a goal.

“I basically set out to become the logistics technology guy.”

He didn’t want to be thrown off his game. With countless blog posts and hosting webinars, Buchman tried to learn everything, there is to know about technology in container logistics. Because becoming an expert is the way into the container shipping universe. You need to know what you’re talking about before you give it out as an expert, Buchman learned.

Now, six years later Buchman has become the logistics technology guy, he wanted to be. And all the knowledge he has accumulated, Buchman will be sharing at the Digital Container Summit this year in September. With a keynote called ‘If you build it, they will click’.

“You need to have technology that changes. But you also need people, who use that kind of technology, to change at the same time. So, for me ‘If you build it, they will click’ is basically: If you build the platform what then needs to happen on that platform in order to make sure people use it?” Buchman says.

Culture mixes with tech

But at the Digital Container Summit 2020, there won’t be many new technologies on the schedule at Buchman’s keynote. On the contrary.

“I think what is hitting the logistics industry right now is where freight companies, logistics companies have always had the technology. This is not new. Everybody has always had computer systems. The biggest change, that I see, is, everybody used to have their own computer systems with their own loose cargo. Now people are starting to have technology systems that can speak to other systems,” Eytan Buchman explains.

You can hear more about what Eytan Buchman will talk about at the DCS2020, and his take on the similarity between the military and container logistics here 👇

Just as there were touch screen phones before the iPhone came along, technology isn’t worth much if people aren’t ready to use it. And that is what is now gradually changing in container logistics, according to Eytan Buchman:

“The standardization (of the container) is unlocking a lot of doors in order to help us take better advantage of data and how companies can improve the efficiency between different companies rather than just internally. And I think we’re just starting that revolution”.

And unlocking doors, is something companies in the industry can help each other with, says Buchman:

“The only way you can ever look forward is just by listening to other people. If I can take my experience and share it with other people and I can get their experience and accumulate it, so next year at the DCS I can share some other things – that’s where we’ll get stronger. So, I’m looking forward to hearing other people’s insights. I’m also looking forward to sharing my insights, that I picked up, so I can get insights back from other people as well.”

About the Digital Container Summit 2020

This year’s Digital Container Summit will be just that – digital. We, at xChange, are creating an online event on September 3rd with all the most important features from last year’s Digital Container Summit. This way, you will get a full day of personal
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The Digital Container Summit 2020 is open to the entire container logistics industry. The DCS is the only industrywide networking opportunity in 2020.

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