Marketing is a way to get new customers and make people aware of your business. How? Sarah Barnes-Humphrey, the founder of Let’s Talk Supply Chain,  will tell you all about how you can tap into unused PR potential at the DCS 2020.

Barnes-Humphrey will be speaking at the Digital Container Summit 2020. Here, she will share her double decade experience with the audience and talking about the rise of digital media and innovation in the supply chain. Get a quick sneak peek of what knowledge bombs you’re in for.

The Supply Chain & Now

The ongoing pandemic has added all sorts of “new normals”. According to Barnes-Humphrey, the supply chain leaders have a lot on their plates right now – more than usual. They must take care of management, communication, physical health, mental well-being, etc. Not only of their own but also of their team.

This time has also heralded a rapid transition in technology. How we use it, and just as importantly, how we can and will incorporate it into different parts of the supply chain network. Like data. Speaking of data, Humphrey says:

“What you’re doing today with your data is going to mean so much for your business, its future, its success in the next part of your journey…”

The current scenario is also teaching us about agility – how we embrace the change, how we need to think, as well as to adapt and alter our decisions according to the situation. More so, it is also about how we empower our people, how we can put our professionals as major decision-makers in companies – because this industry is all about people and impacting other people and businesses.

For all these aspects, technology would play a major role.

The Importance of Media

Media plays a huge role in marketing. Traditionally, with the supply chain industry (especially in logistics), marketing was looked upon as an added expenditure. But, due to the changing time, what we used to consider normal has shifted and changed. People aren’t going back to the in-person conferences anytime soon, Sarah Barnes-Humphrey states. Marketing as we know is facing a challenging time.

“But, you still need to get that story out and place your brand on the page. How would you let the industry people know that (a) you exist, (b) what you do, and (c) exactly how you can help them?” Barnes-Humphrey asks.

With digital media.

Businesses have got to rebuild new content strategies, incorporating different content mediums – like virtual conferences, podcasts, blogs, video, etc. — and turn them into something creative to reach their target audience. Because that’s the only accessible medium right now. Companies need to accelerate their marketing and media strategies. They need to tap on to the great opportunities and get their brand out there with innovation and digital media.

“Marketing is not really a cost center. Marketing should be looked at as an investment center in the growth of your company,” says Barnes-Humphrey.

If you want to know more about Sarah Barnes-Humphrey and the importance of media in the supply chain – then have a look at the video podcast below👇

A fireside chat

“Are we creating innovation and asking people to change their habits? Or are we creating innovation that’s taking what they’re doing and making it simpler? How do we do that? And what does the future hold for the audience?”

Barnes-Humphrey will answer all these questions at the fireside chat with Alexa at her session at the Digital Container Summit 2020. She will also be talking about:

  • Where to find innovation for your company
  • The ways forwarders and shippers can embrace the new normal
  • How to move forward in marketing in a technological sense
  • How to make the best of the current situation like a business
  • (Super) importance of having a digital media presence (especially on one platform!)
  • Talking tangibly about your business and brand online
  • Building brand awareness… & much more!

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The Digital Container Summit 2020

This year’s Digital Container Summit will be just that – digital. We, at xChange, are creating an online event on September 3rd. It has the most important features of last year’s Digital Container Summit.

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There will also be keynote sessions and virtual workshops by industry leaders. These sessions will be live-streamed with an interactive chat. That way you can ask questions on the current topics being discussed.

The Digital Container Summit 2020 is open to the entire container logistics industry. The DCS is the only industry-wide networking opportunity in 2020.

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