The global supply chains have proven their worth during the pandemic keeping goods flowing. But in a new normal we need to adapt to volatility and uncertainty in the supply chain. Wolfgang Lehmacher will give his take on how at the DCS 2020.

When countries were closing down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, goods such as clothes and food were still being moved around. A prime example of just how important the global supply chains are. As well as a show of their resilience, Wolfgang Lehmacher, supply chain, and technology strategist, points out.

And now, is the time to let the global supply chains shine, Lehmacher says:

“If there was a moment for supply chain, that moment is now. No one really talked about supply chains before COVID-19 or it stayed very much in the industry. But now, everybody is aware of the importance of the supply chain.”

Because it wasn’t completely without hiccups to get cargo moved, and it still isn’t. A situation the entire industry needs to get used to, as this is the new normal, according to Lehmacher.

“The new normal has three names for me: Virus, volatility, and uncertainty. We have to navigate this, and we cannot do this blindly. We need the information to support our decision-making process,” states Wolfgang Lehmacher.

Visibility is the key

The way to navigate in this new normal is by achieving visibility. Visibility when it comes to tracking containers, shipments, and trucks. This kind of visibility can help you determine what to do and when. An advantage that can make or break a firm, something that has become clear during the pandemic.

“The companies that had more visibility, that had better tools, did much better in this situation. Because they knew where their suppliers were. They knew where their goods were. They knew when goods were turned away at the border and stored somewhere. Because they had that real-time information that told them that something was going wrong. Then they could work on the solutions,” Wolfgang Lehmacher said.

You can hear more about the importance of visibility from the former director and head of supply chain and transport industries at the world economic forum below 👇

A paradox

But too much data is also harmful. That leaves us with the Lehmacher paradox of wanting more visibility, yet less.

Because in a supply chain there can be thousands of suppliers, millions of customers, and many manufacturing sites. With all that information and data, it can be easy to drown and not see what you really need.

“When I speak of the foundational role of visibility it is in fact the opposite we aim at. We want to take off everything that is irrelevant. We want machines that do the work for us. That filter out what information is necessary to drive my business successfully. And it is about driving business because the supply chain sits at the core, the center, of every business”.

You can learn more about how you can achieve visibility – and how that can help you in the new normal post-COVID-19 at Wolfgang Lehmacher’s keynote at the DCS 2020.

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