2020 was a crazy year for everyone, but some companies did better than others. We’ve looked at transactions and performance review data from the beginning of 2020 until now to identify the best freight forwarding companies and NVOCCs in Pakistan. With an average rating of 4.2 based on one-way and trading transactions on xChange, here we present you with the top 10 freight forwarding companies from Pakistan in 2020.

If you are a freight forwarder in Pakistan and not yet on the list or curious about how Container xChange can help you lease and buy containers from certified partners, feel free to reach out to us anytime. Feel free to reach out to the following forwarding companies and NVOs if you have business inquiries and check out their websites, social media, or xChange profiles to learn more about them.

1. Ample Shipping & Logistic Services 

We provide all kinds of logistic support including clearing, forwarding, consolidation, containers & other related services tailored to your business needs. Establishing strong domestic lanes for integrated on-time services, Ample created a light web of internodes links to the competent international logistic system. Ample is able to route shipments using either N.L.C (national Logistic Cell) railway services or reliable independent tracking transporting shipment to different I.C.D’s.

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2. SUPERTERRA Container Line

SUPERTERRA having a group experience of 70 years, our experienced management is committed to quality, reliability and innovation. Particularly emphasis on import and export of cargo enables us to expand and confirm our position as the Leading and Independent Operator. SUPERTERRA, a diversified business conglomerates which has undergone rapid advancement since it’s inception. It has steadily diversified it’s core activities by venturing into new business and continued to expand and successfully forged ahead in terms of revenue/turnover. Headquartered in Singapore, with centralized accounting systems in Singapore with Branch offices in Malaysia, India, Pakistan and Dubai, SUPERTERRA consists of highly motivated and talented employees, striving hard to achieve unmatchable results. SUPERTERRA becomes an industry leader by fostering a strong relationship through building confidence in delivering unparalleled quality and service.

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3. Crystal Global Shipping

Crystal Global Shipping has grown to become one of the largest logistics companies in the Country. With almost one decade of experience in forwarding & warehousing, CGS is well known for offering flexible and custom-made solutions at a viable rate and using optimized routes. At Crystal Global Shipping, we understand your business is about manufacturing, buying or selling; our teams will take care of all your company logistics. It’s not only about moving a few containers by sea or goods by airfreight, but it’s also about letting you concentrate on your core business, leaving logistics problems you face in the hands of logistics and warehousing experts.

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4. Shipner Shipping and Agencies

Shipner, an upcoming Liner Agency/Freight Forwarder/NVOCC, established in 2018 by the team of professionals who are expert in logistics. These professionals believe in quality service and adding value in pursuing a collective goal that is Customer Satisfaction. Our dynamic goal and Innovative approach have made this company a place for our valued customer to get high-quality services under our umbrella. Vision To be an organization which understands and fulfil needs of the maritime industry within the businesses and geographies in which we operate. Mission We aim to provide high quality and reliable service with cost-effective and value-added services to our customer and to become the first choice for them. To operate a profitable and sustainable business that gives long-term benefit and value to all our stakeholders, both external and internal.

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5. VMR Lines

Our Strengths that enhance confidence to overcome day-to-day challenges: Own Fleet of Containers, strong Relationship with all carriers, a customized solution of any logistics needs, strong professional background. Our team of innovative leaders believe that our professional experience of +20 years with a combination of extensive knowledge, simplicity, transparency and personalized services to our valued clients are the key attributes which drive our business. Our talented team with rich knowledge of all products and experience transforms our detailed analysis into tangible logistics solutions for our valued clients.

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6. Oceanic Star Line

Oceanic Star Line (OSL) is a non vessel operating common carrier (NVOCC) offering weekly sailings. With transhipment in Mundra or Jebel Ali, the first leg is ensured by main ocean line carriers, providing top transit times. Own OSL-equipment is provided under OSL negotiable Bill of Lading.

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7. W Container Lines

W Container Lines Ltd is primarily operating regular NVOCC (Non-Vessel Operating Container Carrier) services between the ports of Far East, South East Asia, Indian Sub-Continent, Gulf and Upper Gulf ports with the support of own fleet of containers. The company is having a fleet of ISO marine Containers and Slots-Space arrangement from the major feeder operators as well as Main Line Operators and regional carriers to serve the existing trade lanes of the region. The target of the company is to become one of the largest NVOCC operator of South East Asia, Indian Sub-Continent, Gulf and Upper Gulf. The company is offering its best and a dedicated cost-effective total transportation package services to the customers at a very competitive price. The company has its own Bill of Lading which is being issued for each of its shipments where the container of the company is being utilized for the shipment. Baksh Group was formed in 1951 under the name of United Oriental Steamship Company and were one of the foremost shipping company in Pakistan engaged in the main business of liners on the international trade, agency as a side business and was the largest shipowner in Pakistan until nationalization of the shipping industry which took place in 1974 this was the time when most in the shipping industry went toppling down. Due to our nature of operation i.e. diversification into the sidelines of the agency, chartering, terminal handling, stevedoring, lighterage, ship breaking, manning, textile, sugar etc gave us a considerable buffer. W Container is a Yaaseen Shipping Lines subsidiary.

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8. Ravian International Agencies Pakistan

We are more than four decades old container NVO with our own fleet of 2000 TEUs. We are active in the far east, the Indian subcontinent & Dubai. We have our office in Dubai and we are operating dry, open tops, flat racks & tank containers

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9. EMKAY Lines

Emkay Line is a carrier that has its own service mainly between Dubai and Mukala, but also operating as a line in more than 150 ports around the world. All the ports we operate are mentioned on the website. We have a total staff of around 300 and our head office is in Karachi. we also have our own office in Dubai.

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10. ACUTE Shipping and Logistics

We feel great pleasure to introduce ourselves as one of the best & emerging Freight Forwarding and Logistics Company in Pakistan. Having its corporate head office in Karachi. We have logistic partners almost in every part of the world, and we wish to cooperate & build strong business relations with our esteemed business partners situated around the globe.

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