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ISO tank container prices overview

There are a plethora of tank containers available in the market. Each tank type transports specific cargo. It’s important to understand that the costs of these tank types are different. Know what each tank can carry in this blog post.

The cost of a tank container varies depending on the tank type and specifications. It also depends on the location and market availability. Sometimes, the reason for the varying price depends on who is selling the container – a manufacturer or an opportunistic seller. Therefore, you must keep an eye out for these factors before making a purchase. It’ll help you understand why you’re paying what you’re paying and how much is too much.   

Tank prices overview

Let’s take a quick look at some of the average ISO tank container prices: 

Tank container type Average price (in USD)
T11 (non-hazardous chemicals) 16,000 – 20,000
Swap body (with baffles) 26,000
40ft cryogenic 120,000
20ft reefer (built in China) 9000 – 16,000
T14 (hazardous chemicals) 40,000 – 60,000

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ISO tank container prices and Container xChange

xChange has a wide range of containers available to suit your shipping container needs. Tanks are one such container type you’ll find on the xChange trading platform. It’s not always easy to get tanks at a price you are willing to pay. However, with xChange, be rest assured to get one at the best price. The trading platform has many other advantages. Let’s have a quick look at those: 

  • Buy and sell containers from only vetted partners
  • Negotiate deals directly with other members 
  • Get your deals commission-free 
  • Get market price transparency 

Advantages of trading platform

The trading platform ensures that you’re only dealing with trusted partners. The absence of a third party during the negotiation process allows you to know your counterpart better. It also provides market transparency and instant availability of containers.  

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New and used ISO tank container prices

If you’re looking to buy a tank, it’s necessary to understand that tanks are costlier than a standard container. So, it’s better to know the price of both new and used tanks before investing in one. Read more about ISO tank containers in a separate blog.  

Let’s have a quick look at some of the prices of both new and used tank containers (in USD).  

Tank type Cost of new tank container Cost of used tank container
20ft tank  10,563.76 7198.11
40ft tank  12,190.34 8126.89
Gas tank 18,500 – 25,500 9,800-12,800

Spotlight: 20ft and 40ft ISO tanks

Just like other standard shipping containers, tanks also come in two standard dimensions – 20ft and 40ft. However, the 20ft tanks are much in demand. The average price of a new 20ft tank can cost up to US $10,563.76. A new 40ft tank can cost up to USD 12,190.34. 

Capacity of 20ft and 40ft tank

What to know about ISO tank containers before buying

ISO tanks are your ideal containers for storage and transportation of a wide range of bulk liquid cargos. But before you spend your money on one, here are a few things to consider:

  • Know your requirement: There are different tank types for specific cargos. Be clear on what you’ll be transporting. It’ll help you select the right tank type.
  • Ensure the tank is ISO certified: ISO certification is a seal of good quality, reliability, stability, and safety.
  • Duration you need a tank for: Once you’re clear on how long you need the tank for, it’ll be easy to decide whether to buy or lease a container. On xChange, you’ve an option of short-term leasing as well.

Considering these points will help you spend less and get the container you need. Want to know about different tank types, click here.   

Find ISO tank containers on the xChange trading platform

xChange trading platform makes your search for ISO tank containers butter smooth. You can find tanks from certified partners in 2,500 locations around the world. Every member is thoroughly vetted by xChange before they join the platform – ensuring safety and trust. Moreover, with xChange, you get the best deal as it provides price transparency. You can see all the prices and compare them before buying.    

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ISO tank container price FAQ

How much does a tank container cost?

The cost of a tank container can vary depending on the tank type and specifications, location, availability, and sometimes manufacturer. On average, a new 20ft tank can cost up to USD 10,533.62. A new 40ft tank on the other hand can cost up to USD 12,187.66.

What can you use ISO tank containers for?

ISO tanks are versatile. They’re designed in a unique way to transport and store bulk cargo efficiently. Tanks can carry a wide range of liquids, gases, and powders both hazardous and non-hazardous.