How do you keep track of all your containers? LFS uses xChange to gain real-time visibility on the current container status, ETAs and empty returns. As a ground transportation company, LFS needs accurate data to update the forwarders and shippers they work with on the current status of their cargo. This was the main challenge for which Elizabeth David, the Operations Director of LFS, has reached out to us. For this customer success story we sat down with her to talk about how tracking on xChange helped LFS create a unique selling point (USP) and improve their customer service. 

Hi Elizabeth, thank you for taking the time. Could you, first of all, introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about what you’re responsible for at LFS? 

Hey, thank you for having me! I am Elizabeth David – I have been with LFS now for 10 years already as an Operations Director. My tasks include planning and running the day-to-day business to ensure smooth processes for our customers as well as supervising staff in different departments and evaluating the efficiency of our processes to meet strategic goals and enable organizational progress. 


What types of services do you offer and why do freight forwarders or shippers choose LFS as their partner for ground transportation? 

At LFS we operate ground transportation services in Canada, Mexico, the United States and most recently we have expanded our business to Europe. We offer ground transportation solutions such as LTL, FTL, Container Drayage and Cargo Insurance to shippers and freight forwarders. They choose us because we offer solutions alongside the entire transportation process and differentiate ourselves from the competition with real-time transparency (container status, ETAs etc.) through the integration of our transport management system with the xChange tracking solution. Moreover, our organizational structure is flexible so we can adapt to any specific customer need and our LFSrewards program offers even more benefits and discounts. 



In June 2019 you reached out to xChange to improve your visibility on container status and tracking – What was your first impression and how did you implement xChange? 

When we started in June, our first impression of xChange was that you have a very dynamic team, eager to maximize knowledge that transforms the container logistics industry – because everything is better with easy access to relevant information in real-time. We use xChange to get real-time visibility on the status of our operations to provide our customers with relevant information and important status updates such as ETAs or delay warnings. This helps us differentiate our service from the competition as the information provided by xChange is an essential factor to excel in our services. We specifically appreciate the speed and accuracy we get from using the tracking solution, their daily support and saving us a lot of time – we don’t have to use the different carriers’ tracking sites anymore, we have a single source of truth. 




How do your customers benefit from the tracking data you receive? 

We rely on digital information to make important decisions, therefore we need to have accurate information and be able to provide the same power to our customers. The xChange tracking data tool helps us by showing a great majority of the information we need to smoothen the flow of our operations. It helps us gain trust from our customers because it enables us to take corresponding decisions in a timely and efficient manner. We use it to organize schedules, to report relevant status updates to our customers and to prepare appointments supporting our vendors. It helps us predict multiple scenarios of what is about to happen and it ultimately helps our customers save time and money.