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Webinar | Let’s talk SOCs: Our latest market research & advice

23 February 2023 – 13:00 CET

Shipper-owned containers gained traction during the pandemic when container sourcing was a nightmare and container scarcity, a reality. But as global demand falls and equipment supply rises, how do SOC containers fare as we head into 2023?

We conducted our annual “Mystery Shopping Survey”, but this time contacted the world’s biggest carriers to find out:

  • The current status of the SOC market including what’s being quoted
  • Insights on which carriers and routes accept SOCs
  • Current limitations of SOCs and how to work around them

Join us, as industry experts share theirs insights on the state of the SOC in 2023

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Breakbulk Middle East:
February 2023, Dubai, UAE

Transport logistic:
May 09–12, 2023, Munich, Germany

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