Globalink & Global Value

Good Relationships with Great Partners builds Good Business

We respect the fact that joining a network is an investment of time and money. We think anyone making such an investment should understand how they will gain a return!

Witnessing our member’s success over the last 18 years, we continue to prove that if you follow our approach, you will significantly grow your worldwide agency business, and see great results.

From the beginning, we have built our networks on this key truth; GOOD RELATIONSHIPS with GREAT PARTNERS, builds GOOD BUSINESS. Every tool, every program, every initiative we offer supports this truth. We bring quality ranking tools, along with CRM capabilities built right into our Directories, a mobile app, and a whole range of tools to enhance relationship building.
We limit our membership to two slots for most countries to focus on quality and to foster growing relationships more effectively. And, we bring world class support in partnering with our members, to assist their efforts and success.

THE GLOBALINK NETWORK was formed 18 years ago and has since proven our concept, and grown full in most markets around the world.

As a result, we decided to leverage this success, and 6 years ago we started our second group, THE GLOBAL VALUE NETWORK, based on the same formula. Both networks have the same financial protections. Our Worldwide Meetings are held at the same hotel back-to-back, with a mixer event in between. It is a unique story, which offers close relationships, higher quality, and expanded coverage and scope. It is really like getting two networks for the price of one.

If you are keenly interested in growing your business, we look forward to sharing more with you.

Member benefits

Get a Return on Your Investment

We bring a proven formula that works, when you work it. And, we partner with you each step of the way to success

Build Better Relationships with Better Partners

We limit membership to promote better closer connections. We offer a quality feedback tool along with a CRM follow up tool in our directory to make building relationships efficient.

Expand Your Agency Business

We bring high quality vetted partners in over 80 countries, and we are consistently adding more, all looking to build relationships

Worldwide Opportunities

We make it easy to communicate with all members. Filter our membership and target members by niche, country, region or any combination of these. Drill down to the perfect match!

Limit Your Risk

Working with our high quality members is the best way to lower risk, and, our aggressive collection support, along with our Platinum Plus financial protection against bankruptcy or fraud, all bring layers of protection

World Class Support and Tools

Between our various features, such as our Mobile App, WhatsApp groups, Broadcast Email, blog, our proactive tools and support are state of the art and second to none