Global Logistics Network

Power of One

Founded in 2003, Global Logistics Network (GLN) is an umbrella organization that encompasses leading independently owned and operated companies worldwide that specialize in the logistics industry – including freight forwarders, transportation intermediaries and associated companies – all working together in a network environment to benefit from ourPower of Onephilosophy.

Today, GLN has a global presence that spans536 Officesin310 Citiesin135 Countries. With combined Annual Revenues ofUSD 9.5 Billionand27,675experienced and capable staff handling over3 million shipmentsper year, GLN is larger in size than many multi-national forwarders and integrators.

Member benefits

Increase Network

Worldwide support from members

Worldwide Support

In a position to offer your client a full personalized service, using the same as a promotional lever.

Bigger = More Power

As part of a larger organisation, increased control over shipping lines ranging from cost to an efficient and reliable service.

Generate business

Between MPL offices and increase potential for gaining new clients

Website & Publicity

Reliable & trust worthy group

Ability to offer clients

More options and services

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