What are shipping documents?

In shipping, shipping documents are documents that provide information about the goods being shipped. They may include information such as the origin and destination of the items being shipped, their weight and dimensions, and other details that might be useful to those who handle them in transit.

The contents of a shipping document will vary depending on the type of goods being shipped. For example, an air shipment might require different documents than one by land or sea.

Examples of shipping documents

Shipping documents can also include papers such as packing lists, bills of lading, and other forms that describe what’s going on with your shipment.

A packing list is a list of everything that’s in your shipment, including what’s in each box and how much it weighs. It also includes information about any hazardous materials you might be shipping.

The bill of lading is a document that gives you proof of delivery once the shipment has arrived at its destination. It lists who sent the shipment and who received it, as well as where it was shipped from and where it was delivered to.

Terms related to shipping documents

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