Your Container Market Insights

Essential Market Intelligence Tool for companies who own shipping containers. Analyze data with Insights and:

  • Learn the market price for containers
  • Identify the best cities to allocate them, and
  • Maximize your profits.

Trusted by 1000+ Freight Forwarders, NVOCCs, container providers, railway operators, and shipping lines

Get actual container data in up to 180 global locations

to make business decisions based on data, not guesses

Get actual container prices

Select your desired location, container type and condition to find the current market rates and their development over the last week, month, or even several years.

Access Supply & Demand Volumes

See and compare volumes of available supply and demand listings on the Container xChange platform across 100+ countries.

Learn from industry experts

With a quick visit to Insights, you can find all the recent xChange market analytics. Learn the latest global and region-specific trends and future developments forecasts.

You can also find Regional Price Dynamics, Container Availability Index, Profit Assessment, and more.
See how it works:

Have a look at the data you can use for you trading and leasing deals

How other logistics companies use Insights in their daily work routine

Start leveraging the only Container Market Intelligence tool

Try Insights to:

  • Identify the best locations to buy, sell, or lease units
  • Quickly assess your potential costs and profits
  • Make a good deal even in a new market
  • Always keep up with market trends

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Frequently asked questions about Insights

  • Why trust Insights data

    Insights collects and analyses data from the Container xChange Marketplaces, big container sellers, and shipping lines. We update the data daily, so you can have live market figures at your fingertips.

  • What it costs

    Insights is a subscription-based product that offers monthly and yearly plans.