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Join 1500+ businesses that use xChange’s platform to lease containers, expand their network & offer their customers competitive pricing.

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1500+ businesses lease containers on xChange

Lease containers globally, reduce manual work & network with 1500+ partners

Containers of all sizes

2500+ locations

Search, Lease, Repeat

Search containers to lease within seconds by simply providing your pick up, drop off, and container type.

Stay competitive by comparing offers from multiple sellers.

With default 30 free days and pick-up charges from as low as $0, you can negotiate with the world’s best leasing companies from day 1.

10 000+ shipper-owned containers are available globally, 24/7.

All your leasing deals in one place

Adjust your deal terms such as Container Condition, Type, Per diems, Repair & Cleaning Charges with just a few clicks.

Check progress & keep track of your deal changes with help of the activity log.

Chat instantly with your partner online.

Flexible API that integrates directly with your existing system.

Goodbye paper invoices,
welcome digital credits

Check your credits or charges online instead of frequently approving piles of paper invoices, in real-time.

Get back to your customers with offers in no time & we’ll handle your payments securely.

With only one monthly payment run to settle your invoices, you can forget chasing your partners every day.

Get credits within a flash for your Per diems & Pick-up Charges in xChange’s digital wallet.

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