• ARCON Containers 5X business profits with a suite of Container xChange’s marketplace and operating platform
  • ARCON Containers now offers Open Tops, Flat Racks, and ISO Tanks on Container xChange for companies intending to ship heavy, bulky and liquid cargo across the globe

New Delhi, 15 June 2023: ARCON containers, headquartered in Mumbai, India achieves 5X business growth with the digital suite of products of Container xChange and expands its offerings to Open Tops, Flat Racks, and ISO Tanks for shippers intending to export heavy, bulky and liquid cargo across the globe.

Container xChange is an online marketplace and operating platform for container logistics companies.

As ARCON Containers open the availability of these containers on Container xChange, they solidify their position in the container leasing market as well as strengthen ties with Container xChange.

ARCON has facilitated approximately 9500 container Leasings through Container xChange in a short span of time. This is 5X of what the company was doing in the previous years.

ARCON Containers partnered with Container xChange when the company was part of Sarjak Containers (an Indian NVOCC in Mumbai) and faced business and operational challenges of finding reliable partners, sourcing global container supply, and transacting quickly. These difficulties hindered their operational efficiency and business growth in the industry.

By leveraging Container xChange’s marketplace, ARCON Containers found that the process of finding reliable partners became incredibly easy and efficient. The platform’s robust customer vetting system ensured that all members were trustworthy and dependable, eliminating any concerns regarding partner reliability. This gave ARCON the confidence to engage in business collaborations with new companies outside of its network.

Container xChange’s Container Marketplaces, which offer price transparency, have enabled ARCON to establish competitive market prices for their business.

Mr. Supal Shah, CEO of ARCON Containers, commented on achieving this milestone, “Thanks to Container xChange, finding a partner is just one click away. Members of Container xChange are well verified, so we don’t have any trust issues. There’s automatic price discovery on the platform, so we get competitive prices, and most importantly, the Container xChange wallet service makes the overall process smooth and quick.”

Christian Roeloffs, CEO and Co-Founder of Container xChange, said,” Considering the unpredictable supply chains of today, it is crucial to have access to reliable partners and efficient operational processes. ARCON had the vision to adopt digital tools and processes that could make the container logistics business more efficient and easier. We are glad that ARCON has always been open to experimenting with modern technologies and driving business success through these. We are encouraged by such examples of success as we strive to simplify the logistics of global trade with our customers being at the centre of everything that we do.”

“At a time when 93% of container logistics companies globally spend daily workload in ‘fixing problems’ as we noticed from one of our surveys we conducted recently, ARCON is not only optimising time, but this is also showing in their profits. We congratulate them for being at the forefront of digital readiness for their container operations.” Roeloffs added.

The partnership between ARCON Containers and Container xChange represents a paradigm shift in container logistics, empowering Indian traders with a revolutionary opportunity to save costs, establish reliable partnerships, and propel their business growth. Container xChange’s products and services have played a pivotal role in ARCON Containers’ remarkable achievements in an ever-evolving industry.

“Container xChange offers Indian container providers and leasing companies a game-changing opportunity to save money, identify trustworthy partners, and accelerate their business growth. Our platform has been instrumental in driving ARCON Containers’ impressive success in a rapidly evolving industry.”, he added.

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