• Approximately 61% of respondents report container sales process often extends over several weeks 
  • Container xChange introduces “Instant Sales Offers” to cut the negotiation process from 7 days to a few hours 

Hamburg, Germany, 05 October 2023: According to a recent survey conducted by Container xChange, an online container logistics platform, 91% of professionals in the container logistics industry face lengthy negotiations leading to delays in production and delivery of goods.  

Professionals participating in the survey highlighted significant concerns, including extended negotiation times, difficulties in finding trustworthy buyers, and protracted sales cycles. 

Around 1200 supply chain professionals surveyed in the month of September (2023) shared that the negotiations take anywhere between one to seven days and only 9% were able to close the deals in a few hours.  

91% of professionals in the container logistics industry face lengthy negotiations leading to delays in production and delivery of goods. 


GRAPH: Average time spent negotiating terms for trading containers by container providers, traders, carriers, and other shipping industry professionals 

Accelerating Container Trading with Container xChange Instant Sales 

To help tackle these glaring inefficiencies which cost considerable time, money and effort, Container xChange has introduced “Instant Sales Offers,” a feature on the Container Trading platform of Container xChange for its subscribers, which allow container buyers and sellers to instantly purchase or sell containers. 

“Traditionally, container trading involves a lot of back-and-forth negotiations via emails or calls, causing delays.  Container xChange platform streamlined it by moving search, negotiations, and deals online. Now we make it even faster by providing sellers and buyers with the opportunity to make deals instantly – like on Amazon or eBay.”, Christian Roeloffs, Co-Founder and CEO, of Container xChange. 

On the Container xChange platform, the trading process is significantly expedited, reducing negotiation times and delivering quicker, more efficient deals. This translates to improved customer satisfaction, minimized operational delays, and a notable decrease in the risk of penalties for late deliveries. 

Container Trading Platform with Instant Sales Offers 


What sets Instant Sales Offers (ISOs) apart is simplifying the process by bypassing negotiations. Any ISO can be purchased instantly, saving time for both buyers and sellers. As soon as a buyer’s payment is confirmed, they gain immediate access to the release reference, reducing the entire process from weeks or days to only a few clicks. 

Sellers commit to guaranteeing container availability, enhancing transparency, and eliminating concerns about trustworthiness in transactions. These offers enjoy priority placement and ranking, ensuring they are seen by a wider audience of potential buyers. Buyers can quickly select the quantity of units they require and confirm deals with just three clicks.  

The container logistics industry continues to face unprecedented operational challenges. By creating an end-to-end digital solution that can accelerate container trading, streamline container movements, eliminate repetitive manual processes, and digitize container operations, we can overcome these challenges. This will not only increase efficiency but also bring all capabilities onto a single platform, making it easier to trade, manage, and monitor containers. 


To learn more, click on the link: https://www.container-xchange.com/container-trading/ 


About the Survey: 

The survey was aimed at gaining visibility into the key challenges and opportunities that container logistics players face in terms of container trading. The survey received responses from over 1200 container traders, container suppliers and carriers, shippers, and other shipping industry professionals.