Container xChange is closely monitoring the severe flooding caused by torrential rains and the remnants of Typhoon Doksuri in China. As the situation unfolds, we are tracking the potential impact on infrastructure, including ports, roads, railways, and other critical areas, to provide support and assistance to our valued customers in the shipping supply chain.

China has been grappling with torrential rains and severe flooding in several regions, including Beijing, for multiple days. The ongoing natural disaster has resulted in casualties, mass evacuations, and extensive damage to infrastructure, raising concerns about its potential impact on the shipping industry.

China’s National Meteorological Center (NMC) on Tuesday also issued a yellow alert for strong winds, as Typhoon Khanun approaches east China. Authorities have issued a reminder for all ships and personnel navigating and operating in sea areas affected by the strong winds, urging them to promptly return to ports for safety. Relevant departments have been called upon to strengthen port facilities and ensure foolproof preparations to tackle extreme weather conditions. (According to China’s official Xinhua News Agency).

Three railway trains were left stranded due to complete transportation cut-off in some places caused by severe flooding around the Beijing districts of Fangshan and Mentougou on Monday.

Railway services between southern and eastern Taiwan were halted as the flooding could damage road and rail networks, making it challenging to smoothly move goods to and from the ports. This could result in delays in inland transportation and create difficulties in cargo storage.

Doksuri made landfall on Friday, downing power lines and uprooting trees, affecting around 880,000 people in coastal Fujian with more than 354,400 people evacuated and resettled, and causing over 478 million yuan ($67 million) in direct economic losses, state media reported.

Twelve districts in Beijing will continue to remain on red alert for flooding on Tuesday as rainstorms are expected to persist across Fangshan, Mentougou, Yanqing and Changping districts.

The heavy rainfall and flooding may lead to labor shortages and reduced productivity, impacting cargo handling, customs clearance, and overall supply chain operations.

The incident may potentially affect trade routes in the region, with shipping lines considering rerouting vessels to avoid affected areas. This could lead to adjustments in shipping schedules and transit times.

Customers are urged to stay informed through reliable sources and plan their logistics operations accordingly. For any urgent queries or assistance, Container xChange’s customer support team is available to provide guidance.

“We understand the gravity of this natural disaster and its potential impact on the shipping supply chain,” said Christian Roeloffs, cofounder and CEO at Container xChange. “Our priority is to support our customers and ensure continuity in their shipping operations.”