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Average prices of open top containers

On xChange, we’ve got open top containers in 2,500+ locations worldwide. Here are the average prices for open tops in popular locations:

Shanghai: US $ 2, 555
Qingdao: US $ 5, 383

Rotterdam: US $ 2, 572
Hamburg: US $ 2,300

Houston: US $ 2, 000

Mundra: US $ 2, 650

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Open top containers for sale at the best price globally

Choose the container condition that best suits your needs. Whether it’s brand new, cargo worthy, wind and water tight (WWT) or as-is, we’ve got you covered. Cargo-worthy containers offer the best value for money. These popular boxes are considerably cheaper than new containers.

All of our intermodal cargo-worthy containers are: Certified safe to transport cargo by land or sea, strong and sturdy, able to withstand extreme weather conditions and good options for storage.

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3 sizes of open top containers available on Container xChange

You can find quality open top containers in 20ft, 40ft, and 40ft HC sizes, in the condition of your choice on the Container xChange platform.

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Open top containers for sale: Types, uses and dimensions

Dimensions 20ft open top container

20ft open top containers are ideal for transporting bulky cargo that can’t fit into a standard shipping container.

Measure 20ft open top
Internal length 19.4 ft / 5.89 m
Internal width 7.8 ft / 2.35 m
Internal height 7.8 ft / 2.35 m
Tare weight 5, 982 lbs / 2,260 kg
Payload capacity 62, 214 lbs / 28, 220 kg
Cubic capacity 1, 155 ft3 / 32.7 m3

Dimensions 40ft open top container

40ft open tops are the same as 20ft boxes, only with more capacity. So you can load more cargo in one go.

Measure 40ft open top
Internal length 39.5ft / 12.03 m
Internal width 7.9ft / 2.4 m
Internal height 7.8ft / 2.34 m
Tare weight 8,774 lbs / 3,980 kg
Payload capacity 58,422 lbs / 26,500 kg
Cubic capacity 2,356 cu ft / 66.7 m3

Open top containers have lashing rings that can keep cargo stable regardless of the height and weight of the commodities. So, not only are you able to load bulkier cargo, but it also stays safe and secure during transit.

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Frequently asked questions

What is an open top container used for?

An open top container is used to transport large, bulky cargo that wouldn’t usually fit into a standard shipping container.

How high is an open top container?

A standard 20ft open top container has an internal height and width of 2.35m, and an internal length of 12.03m.

How can cargo be secured in an open top container?

Open top containers are equipped with lashing rings. You can secure your cargo by using lashings to keep the commodities in place during transit.

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