Container logistics research reports

Into the buying and leasing of containers? Gain insights into our data and find out why the media regularly features our reports.

July 2024 | Container Market Forecaster

Eager to make well-informed decisions for your supply chain? Look no further!

June 2024 | Where are all the containers?

Open the monthly container logistics update, reporting on May 2024.

2023 Shipping Industry Trends and Future of Shipping in 2024

Welcome to the second annual edition of Container xChange’s Trends and Impacts report.

Demurrage and Detention Benchmark: 2023

Learn all about the past, present and future of demurrage and detention fees, including up-to-date ranking tables of the world’s largest ocean carriers, regions and ports.

The benefits of digitalizing container operations

Stop wasting your day fixing problems. Take these small steps towards digitalization, and use your time to think bigger.

2023 | Our annual survey on shipper-owned containers (SOCs)

Interested in SOCs? Here’s the latest data and advice on how to best use them in this year’s climate.

Forecasting shipping trends over Chinese New Year 2023

Learn and prepare for this year’s impacts.

Open Report (English)

December 2022 | 23 Shipping Trends in 2023

Read about the 23 emerging trends in logistics and supply chain in 2023

How do companies currently book ocean freight for SOCs?

To examine the pain points of the current state of ocean freight booking, we conducted a survey on 137 companies all over the world, of which 64% had experience in dealing with shipper-owned containers

Open Report (English)

Top 10 leasing companies in 2022

How have key players in the Container Leasing industry adjusted their business operations?

Demurrage & Detention Benchmark 2022

Read on to see how these notorious charges have changed across the world from 2020-2022.

Mystery Shopping Survey of SOC Containers

Learn how shipper-owned containers are growing in use by freight forwarders

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