How Pudong Prime expands its business amidst supply chain crisis

In 2019, International freight forwarding company Pudong Prime decided to venture into new markets and open an office in Vietnam. In doing so, the company faced many challenges in competing with existing SOC leaders. But now, not only are they beyond par with their competitors, but they are also pioneering in the SOC industry.

Read on to learn how they achieved success in a year, gained 16 new partners in 18 locations, and stayed up to date on container market trends.

About Pudong Prime Vietnam

Pudong Prime Vietnam has been in the freight logistics game for more than 21 years and remains on the list of the top fifteen freight forwarding companies from Asia to the USA and Canada.

Unlike traditional forwarding companies, Pudong specializes in SOC transportation from main shipping lines. By utilizing these shipping lines’ containers for extended periods, the company provides the necessary storage and long-term container occupation services and addresses the issue of high detention fees.

In 2022, Pudong has seen massive growth in its SOC rentals:

“We have gained a competitive advantage due to the high detention charges and equipment shortage associated with COCs. And have achieved a cost advantage due to the lower pick-up charges with SOCs compared to COCs.”

Wilson Le, Customer Support Executive

Chance & Challenge to expand SOC business

Back in 2021, carrier containers were unable to adapt to the market growth spurt. Hence, even though Pudong had all the experience and reputation, they were constrained due to limited SOC equipment and a lack of container yard variety.

That is when Pudong joined Container xChange and quickly became a significant member of the leasing marketplace. In just a half year, they made 16 new partners and leased 659 containers to 18 locations in North America and Canada. And continues to grow the volume of containers leased through the xChange platform.

Harry Duong and Wilson Le from Pudong Prime Vietnam shared their experience and described what played a crucial role in the breakthrough of their SOC business:

“xChange helped us deal with partners within 10 seconds and quickly upload container release orders, which were ready for pick up within just 30 minutes. This was crucial for us when dealing with urgent requests from our clients. The platform also enabled us to quickly gain more global coverage to lease containers.”

“We are really into data analysis! The Insights app provides us with the current market trends, which helps us make well-informed business decisions. Our vision is to maintain our stock in hot spots so that we always meet our customer’s demands.”

Harry Duong, SOC Team Leader 

“Our company’s business flow has improved when using xChange”

xChange has helped Pudong grow by simplifying its operations and contributing to a better business flow, explains Harry Duong and Wilson Le:

“Using xChange has resulted in a better business flow for our company. We were able to proactively connect with numerous affiliated inland depots to coordinate the leasing pick-up and drop-off locations. This reduced many unforeseen errors and setbacks.”

Pudong Prime Vietnam has been a loyal member of Container xChange for a year and has racked in stellar partner reviews. Here’s one of many reviews from their partners:

“We’ve worked with Pudong Prime for 2 years now. They do a great job of controlling bookings and containers for us. Recently, Harry told us that he is working with xChange to provide SOC services for us, we have used this service and are very satisfied.”

“Our aim was to limit unforeseen situations with SOC operation at both the origin and destination to avoid bad trips. And with xChange’s real-time Connect tool we achieved just that and gained more operational control.”

Wilson Le, Customer Support Executive

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