Have you heard of the Eng Kong Depot? Read on to find out more about why this depot is important and its benefits to your business and what it means.

 In this blog, you’ll learn:

  • The Eng Kong depot is a leading provider of container-related services to multinational companies operating in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • The Eng Kong depot offers facilities such as a container depot, tank depot, container sales and trading, and a lot more.
  • Various types of containers to look for in the Eng Kong depot at xChange such as the 20ft and 40ft container and other special containers.
  • Average prices of containers in Hong Kong and how xChange offers price transparency.
  • xChange can help you find the best containers at the most competitive price in Hong Kong.

Find containers now

Is your business rooted in Hong Kong? Are you struggling to find the right containers at reasonable prices for your business needs? Well, we have some good news for you.

Firstly, being in Hong Kong you’ve access to the Eng Kong Depot. It’s a leading provider of container-related services to multinational companies operating in the Asia-Pacific region. They can take care of everything from container transportation to container survey and handling. So, all your container requirements are sorted right there.

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Sounds good, right? Now, let’s dive in-depth into understanding the Eng Kong depot.

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What is Eng Kong Depot?

We already told you what the Eng Kong depot is. But did you know? It’s headquartered in Singapore and has been operational since 1975. It has 40 fully-integrated container depots across the globe.

Let’s take an example to see what they can do for you. Say you bought a container for a short sea trip and after it served its purpose you want to sell it for a good price. The Eng Kong depot can help you with the sales and trading of the container. If it needs some upkeep, it can also help with repair and maintenance. Simply put, all your container needs are met here.

Awesome, right?

The depot is well-equipped to handle major shipping and transportation requirements — associated with many shipping and container leasing businesses globally. Especially in the field of infrastructure, logistics, chemical, petrochemical, and oil industry. They have strong regional network operations in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, China, and Hong Kong SAR.

With an experience of close to 50 years in the logistics industry, Eng Kong Depot specializes in providing you with a plethora of services, which we will explore below.

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Facilities offered at Eng Kong Depot

Fully equipped with modern equipment and over 1,200 experienced staff personnel on duty, the Eng Kong Container Depot provides all container handling services. These include:

  • Container storage, container survey, and handling
  • Reefer services and cold-rooms
  • Container loading/unloading and warehousing, and CFS
  • Freight Stations and Trucking Services
  • Shrink Wrapping and Steam Heating
  • Containers Pneumatic Test
  • 5-year Hydro Test on Container
  • Repairs and Maintenance of containers
  • Container transportation and Haulage
  • Container survey and regular inspection (according to the guidelines set by the IMO)
  • Container Trading and Sales
  • Container depot operations
  • ISO tank depot
  • Container and parts trading and new-built container inspection
  • Other support services for containers

With several high-tech cranes, forklifts, double-box stackers, trucks, etc., the depot can handle the biggest of cargo vessels efficiently.

Eng Kong group provides you sales and trading of shipping containers with complete assistance for trade in all types of containers. They’ve an amazing global network of suppliers and agents that can help you with the dealings in:

● Standard ISO 20ft, 40ft, and 40ft High Cube Containers, dry vans, and special containers.
● Used containers in their current condition which are to carry cargo/IICL condition.
● Specialized shipping and transportation equipment.

That’s a good deal right there, isn’t it? You can rest assured their services are seamless, timely, and cost-effective. They even offer customizable solutions to suit various business requirements.

So, whatever your business needs, they’ve got you covered.

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Additional services at Eng Kong depot

As an integrated logistics service provider, the company also offers door-to-door trucking services, cleaning services for ISO tank containers (specifically for the oil industry). It also offers:

  • Premium repair and maintenance complying with industry standards
  • Container refurbishment
  • Pre-trip inspection (PTI)
  • Structural and mechanical repairs of containers
  • Reefer services
  • Electrical components
  • Spare parts and cold rooms among others.

With an operational area of 935,000 sqm, Eng Kong Depot is renowned for its reliable and cost-effective services globally. It has 26 fully integrated container depots in the APAC (Asia-Pacific Shipping Companies). The company has a fleet of container handling equipment and employs advanced technology to provide updated container statistic reports via electronic data interchange (EDI).

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More on the Eng Kong depot

You should also note that the Eng Kong Container Depot has a centralized web-based Container Management System. This allows the biggest of vessels and front-liners to record, update, and track containers.

The EDI facility also gives you real-time data and accurate statistical reports about your containers to the business operators. This offers precise information and data about your containers, hence reducing the risks involved and enhancing the security of your cargo and other operations.

This data gives you better transparency and security, helping you make an informed decision accordingly. The data is available according to the business’ requirements — via IAS, IDX, Sterling Commerce, or customized electronic data interchange.

Neat, huh? Are you now ready to find that container in Hong Kong yet?

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Find containers on xChange in Hong Kong for Eng Kong Depot

All of the above sounded good. But we can make it even better for you. Envision this: You’re sitting in front of your laptop scrolling through different container types in Hong Kong. All you’ve to do is spot a company you like; send them a message and negotiate prices. All this is based on the standard contract you’ve all filled out beforehand, making your negotiations smoother and your work faster.

You’re done in just a few clicks. You can now sit back and relax while you stay up-to-date on the location of your boxes with automated container tracking. You get all this at your fingertips and under one platform! At xChange, this can become your reality.

Click on the banner below to see how you can get started already. If you’re stuck, our team of experts is ready to help you resolve your queries.

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Pricing of containers in Hong Kong

If you’re looking for prices of containers in Hong Kong, here’s an example to give you a fair idea. The average price per container in Hong Kong starts at US $3235. The price differs based on the container type you’re looking for.

Below are the average prices of some of the container types you’ll find on our platform.

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You’d also be happy to know that, xChange, is a commission-free neutral platform and provides you full price transparency. This means that all the rates and fees that you see are stated upfront and are negotiable. This way, you can be sure what you’re paying and why, before signing a deal.

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Let’s get you started on some container types for your needs.

Container types to look for in Eng Kong Depot on xChange

There are a variety of containers you can use depending on your needs. And xChange can help you get your hands on the perfect box that you’re looking for.

20ft and 40ft containers are the most common types of standard containers found in the market. 20ft and 40ft high cube containers are similar to the standard ones but vary in height, for larger cargo.

You can also have a look at our special container types to take your pick.

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You’ve learned so much about the Eng Kong Depot, but how are you going to reach them? We’ll fill you in.

Contact Details of Eng Kong depot

Address – 13 Tuas Avenue 11, Singapore 639079
Ph– (65) 6861 6355
Website – http://www.engkong.com/

How xChange makes it easy to find containers in Hong Kong?

So, have we piqued your interest? Do you want to find yourself a container in Hong Kong? xChange can help you skip the hassle of lengthy contract negotiations, background checks, and endless emails.

On the xChange platform, you’ll find over 1000+ vetted companies. We’ve got a mandatory vetting process in place for all new members joining the platform, to ensure your safety. Choose from 10, 000+ containers for your needs.

Type in the container type, and choose your pick-up location(s). A list of vetted and certified partners will appear on your screen, you can then choose the one that best fits your requirement. Make your offer and start negotiations.

Ready to get started on that good deal on containers in Hong Kong? Click the banner below!

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Eng Kong Depot: Common FAQS

What is the Eng Kong depot?

The Eng Kong depot is a leading provider of container-related services to multinational companies operating in the Asia-Pacific region.

What are the facilities offered at eng kong depot?

Container storage and handling, reefer services, cold-rooms, container survey, and handling, shrink wrapping and steam heating, container survey and handling, and more.

Where is Eng Kong depot located?

The Eng Kong Depot is headquartered in Singapore and has been operational since 1975.

Prices of containers in Hong Kong?

The average price per container in Hong Kong starts at US $3235.

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