Knowing the ETA of your container is a crucial part of the shipping process. Inaccurate information can lead to confusion, poor coordination, and lost productivity. Especially if your business is reliant on it. Read through this blog to understand why the time of arrival of containers should matter to you and how you benefit from it.

Trustworthy information on the arrival time of a container is in high demand when selecting a logistics company to work with. Whether you’re delivering cargo or waiting for it, you’ll need the time of arrival in order to properly plan your shipment and avoid delays.

Let’s assume you have a fabric business and you’ve been invited to an expo for exotic fabrics. However, the destination of the expo is located in a place you’re not familiar with. Just like how you track your location through a GPS tracker to see if you’re on schedule or if there’s any traffic, you can track your container’s ETA to see if it’s on schedule and if there are any delays.

However, unlike a GPS, which only gives you an estimated time of arrival, container tracking allows you to see the whole journey. So, you can proactively manage any hiccups along the way. Container xChange provides you with smart container tracking systems on our online platform.

Track and monitor your container with ease using features such as Container Control. Here, you can track your box in near real-time, as well as get the estimated arrival time of your shipment, so you can manage your fleet effectively. No need to spend extra time on manual tracking systems when we’ve got everything you need in one place! Sounds good? Well, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with one of our experts to find out more.

What does ETA container mean?

ETA or “Estimated Time of Arrival” is a term used to track the progress of a container as it’s shipped by sea. It’s the estimated date and time that the container will arrive at its destination port.

The shipping company or carrier provides this information and can be tracked using a container tracking system. It allows you to keep yourself up-to-date about the status of your containers in real-time. Access other important information such as the vessel name, voyage number, and expected date of arrival. This is a crucial piece of data to have for all your shipments so that you can plan for the delivery of your goods and coordinate with customs and other logistics providers.

Pre-planning and acting fast comes with the territory, so let’s take a look at why ETA container should matter to you and your business.

Why is ETA container important?

The ETA is an important aspect of the shipping business as it helps you to plan routes, allocate resources, and ensure timely delivery. In short, it provides a clear expectation of when a package or shipment arrives and enables you to better manage your admin and plan ahead.

For example, a celebrity designer decides to use your company for their next runway show. They need expensive fabric shipped before the show. Knowing the estimated time of arrival of your shipment would be crucial in this scenario as any delay could cause a domino effect. If your shipment faces trouble along the way and isn’t able to make the estimated time of arrival, it’ll set the designer back and ultimately give your business a bad reputation.

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Benefits of knowing ETA of container

Knowing the estimated arrival time of your container can be highly advantageous to you and your business in many ways, let’s explore a couple of benefits below:

  • Plan better: ETA allows both the sender and the recipient to plan for the arrival of the package, ensuring that someone is available to receive it and that it’s delivered to the correct location.
  • Better communication: Provides a clear expectation of when your package will arrive, allowing for better communication between you and any intermediaries involved in the shipping process.
  • Increased efficiency: You can plan routes and allocate resources more efficiently which means reducing delays and ensuring timely delivery.
  • Increased transparency: Track the location and progress of your shipment in real time and allow for better monitoring of the shipping process.
  • Better customer service: This enables you to provide an accurate delivery time frame, which improves customer service. Timely delivery means a happy client base which is good for your business overall.
  • Manage your inventory better: Know when your products will be delivered. Plan and manage your inventory better and avoid stockouts.
Did you know? ETA container tracking uses blockchain technology. Blockchain allows for secure, transparent, and tamper-proof tracking of containers throughout the supply chain. This can help to improve efficiency and reduce costs by eliminating the need for intermediaries and reducing the risk of fraud.

ETA vs ETD in shipping: Here’s the difference

While you already know that ETA refers to the estimated time of arrival, ETD refers to the estimated time of departure from a certain location, such as a port, airport, or warehouse. It’s the estimated date and time that a shipment is expected to leave a certain location. It’s calculated based on distance, mode of transportation, and transit time.

ETA vs ETDWhere to find the ETA and ETD of a shipment

The expected departure and arrival timings are often specified in the booking confirmation. It acts as an acknowledgment of cargo booked by ship or other methods of freight.

What is booking confirmation?

A booking confirmation is a valid contract between the carrier and the shipper. The freight forwarder issues this to the shipper. The contract usually includes information such as:

  • Booking party
  • Booking confirmation number
  • Shipper name
  • Place of return of the empty container or containers
  • Dangerous goods information
  • ETA
  • ETD
  • Vessel name
  • Port of discharge
  • Trans-shipment ports if any
  • Container number and description
  • Details of the trucker
  • Date of booking
  • Authorized signature

The booking confirmation number is mentioned on all important shipping documents.

How to calculate ETD and an ETA container shipment

The most common reasons that affect the time of arrival and departure of a container are:

  • Ship’s schedule
  • Maintenance stops
  • Predetermined port conditions (congestion and labor issues)

A carrier changes the ETA and ETD based on these factors. The simplest way to calculate them would be by tracking your container.

Enhance ETA container tracking with Container xChange

Most shipping companies don’t provide efficient tracking systems. This means you might not always be able to track your shipment accurately. An inaccurate arrival time of a container can have a domino effect on your entire supply chain and eventually affect your business. Container Control is your solution.

So, don’t be a ship lost at sea when you track your container when we’re here to be your lighthouse in the storm.

Our platform connects you to 1500+ vetted suppliers in 2500+ locations, making it a breeze to locate and lease containers. With real-time updates on container availability and location, you’ll always have a clear view of your container inventory and the ability to stay on course. Say goodbye to the choppy waters of container tracking and hello to smooth sailing with Container Control!

By joining Container xChange, you can get free access to xChange Container Control benefits where you can:

  • Manage all your container bookings for shippers and partners on one platform
  • Get the ETA of your container and port of discharge (POD)
  • Use your release references and match them to bookings and monitor updates for each container
  • Stay informed on which units have been picked up from the depot
  • Get updates on where your box has been dropped off
  • Save time and improve customer relations

Gain access to added benefits like an xChange wallet. With this, you can streamline financial admin and manage all transactions hassle-free. Get insurance options that protect your assets from total loss or damage. At Container xChange, we’re all about simplicity and efficiency. If you are too, then why not get to our container control feature and locate your boxes in real-time today?

ETA Container: Common FAQs

What does ETA mean in shipping?

ETA stands for estimated time of arrival. It refers to the time expected for a ship or vessel to arrive at a specific destination. This can also help determine the expected duration of a vessel’s route.

What is ETA and ETD in shipping?

The estimated time of arrival (ETA) is the expected time the ship will arrive at anchorage (waiting outside the port) or at dock. The estimated time of departure (ETD) is the estimated time the ship will leave the dock.