Freight forwarding networks can help you streamline your workflow and shipments. Read this blog to find the top freight forwarders you can easily connect with. Or, click here to learn how to grow your shipping business in 2,500+ locations globally.  

Freight forwarding networks serve as a worldwide umbrella network of vetted members who work with each other under established standards. They actively promote and support each other in logistics and related services by pooling sales, operational, and financial resources. Hence, it’s essential to become a member of a network that will help you ease your workflow.

You too can join the Container xChange platform to connect with freight forwarding companies across the world and expand your logistics network. We’ll discuss some of the top vetted companies that you can work with, in the next section. However, if you’re just looking to source shipping containers for your business, you can lease containers at the best rates from our commission-free container leasing platform. 

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What are freight forwarding networks?

Freight forwarding networks are reputable groups of independent freight forwarding companies that work with each other to improve the excellence of freight, logistics, and customs brokerage services. Their purpose is to create a collaborative environment for fostering partnerships and facilitating business exchanges.

The rationale of these networks is to enable independent freight forwarding companies to compete with international players. Freight forwarder networks work closely with a range of businesses including carriers, customs brokers, and warehouses. As part of their logistics network, you can utilize their wide range of resources to secure the best value for your clients.

On Container xChange, you can connect with 1,500+ shipping companies, including freight forwarders, and expand your global network. Let’s take a look at some of the top freight forwarding companies on the xChange platform.

5 best freight forwarders on Container xChange

Here are the top five freight forwarders on the xChange platform. All these forwarders are vetted and reviewed by other companies on the platform. So, you can bet they’re trustworthy and reputable enough to meet your demands.

Okey International Limited

Based in Xiamen, China, Okey International Limited specializes in offering comprehensive depot services across Xiamen, Fuzhou, and Wuhan. As a prominent forwarder, they excel in delivering optimal transport solutions and ample container resources, ensuring efficient logistics services throughout the region. The company has been a member of xChange since 2021 and has a rating of 4.5 stars.

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Oceanic Star Line Ltd.

Oceanic Star Line (OSL) is an NVOCC based in Karachi, Pakistan. The company offers weekly sailings that ensure swift transit times. Their services encompass transshipment options in important hubs like Mundra or Jebel Ali. The company has its fleet of assets including 20ft containers and 40ft high cubes. As an NVOCC, they also manage slot arrangements with carriers for their clients.

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Stein Freight Lojistik A.S

Stein Freight was founded in 2016 in Istanbul, Turkey. The company is driven by a dedicated team of professionals committed to delivering tailored services in international shipping. Prioritizing sustainability, reliability, and durability, Stein aims to redefine partnerships as it functions more as an internal logistics partner than merely a service provider. By joining their logistics network you can transport your cargo efficiently.

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Shenzhen Hyun Young International Transportation Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2004 in Shenzhen, China, Hyun Young International specializes in comprehensive logistics solutions. Their core services include FCL/LCL services in Japan, China-Japan FBA, door-to-door services within Japan, overseas warehousing, and shipping across Central and South America. The company offers unique shipping rates, express services, and expert logistics support, This helps streamline operations and enhances cost-efficiency for members in their freight network.

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Trustana Vietnam Company Limited

Based in Vietnam, Trustana is an asset-based logistics firm that delivers seamless operational efficiency. Utilizing data and industry know-how, they’re trusted by businesses in the logistics industry for comprehensive local and global cargo management. The company’s services include full-scale freight forwarding and logistics, encompassing air, ocean, and land freight, alongside warehousing and diverse value-added services.

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This was just a small list of the many freight forwarders that you can connect with on xChange. Many of the network members that we’ve discussed above in this list have expanded their logistics network and customer base globally after joining xChange. 

Here’s what one of our members, Pudong Prime, a freight forwarding company based in Vietnam has to say about xChange.  

“xChange helped us deal with partners within 10 seconds and quickly upload container release orders, which were ready for pick up within just 30 minutes. This was crucial for us when dealing with urgent requests from our clients. The platform also enabled us to quickly gain more global coverage”

After joining xChange, Pudong Prime gained 16 new partners in 18 locations, expanding their global reach. You can also join Container xChange and connect with 1,500+ vetted companies in different regions worldwide. Simply click the banner below and learn how you can use xChange to grow your business!  

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3 benefits of a freight forwarder network

Working with a freight forwarding network offers numerous benefits for your business. Here are a few of those.

1. Global reach: Most logistics networks have a global reach, making it easier for freight forwarders to team up with new partners. This can help you grow your business in different countries and cities easily. This also offers flexibility as you’re not limited to one provider. You gain access to different global providers and can pick the right partner for your specific shipment needs.

2. Competitive pricing– Logistics network leverage their collective strength and extensive partnerships to reduce costs for their clients. By consolidating shipments from multiple clients, networks can negotiate volume discounts with carriers. They pool together the shipping volumes of various companies, allowing for better rate visibility that only one freight forwarder might not be able to access on their own.

3. Professionalism and dependability– These networks thoroughly vet their members before letting them in. So rest assured you’ll be working with reliable freight forwarders only. And you’ll be able to rely on your partners to meet your deadlines, specifications, and expectations. High-quality service is guaranteed here.

Now that you know the benefits of choosing a logistics network, let’s explore how xChange can help you become part of such a network and expand your business’s global reach.

Join international freight forwarders’ network on Container xChange

On the Container xChange platform, you can find 1,500+ trustworthy and vetted freight forwarders and NVOCCs globally. All members on our platform go through a mandatory background check, so you don’t have to spend your valuable time conducting a background check yourself. 

We also provide ratings and customer reviews of all our members so you can choose the right freight forwarder for your business.

If you’re a freight forwarder or NVOCC yourself, our platform provides an array of services for your business as well. Not only can you find valuable customers on xChange, but also use our platform to expand your business.

On Container xChange, you can:  

You get all this on one platform. So, if you’re a freight forwarder yourself or looking for the best freight forwarders, Container xChange is the right platform for you. Our platform gives you instant access to 1500+ vetted shipping companies in many countries – allowing you to expand your business across the world.

Want to join our platform and connect with other players in the shipping industry? Simply click the banner below to get in touch with our experts and get a free demo of our platform. 

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Freight forwarding networks: Common FAQs

What are freight forwarding networks?

Freight forwarding networks are reputable groups of freight forwarders who work with each other to improve the excellence of freight, logistics, and customs brokerage services. These networks are strategically planned to allow smaller independent freight forwarders to compete in the global marketplace.

What is the freight forwarding process?

The process of freight forwarding includes arranging the transportation of goods from one location to another. It includes arranging the pick-up, transport, and delivery of goods. As well as obtaining the necessary paperwork and customs clearance to ensure the shipment is legally compliant.

What is a freight network?

A freight network is a fully connected freight marketplace that uses machine learning, automation, and other software services to efficiently connect shippers and carriers.