Freight forwarding networks can help you with better coordination to streamline your workflow. This blog uncovers the 3 benefits of these networks and also helps you connect with top freight networks.

With over 200 freight forwarding networks working within the industry, it’s hard to narrow down whom to work with to simplify your freight forwarding operations. These networks play an integral role in moving cargo around the world.

Freight forwarding networks serve as a worldwide umbrella network of vetted members who work with each other under established standards. They actively promote and support each other in logistics, and related services by pooling sales, operational and financial resources. They’re like one big logistics family that helps you navigate through the rough waters of container logistics and operations. Hence, it’s essential to become a member of a network that will help you ease your workflow.

You too can join the global freight forwarding networks on the xChange platform. Here you don’t have to worry about the vetting process since every member on xChange goes through a mandatory screening process before joining the platform. Click here to get a quick overview of all the partner networks. 

What are freight forwarding networks?

Freight forwarding networks are reputable groups of freight forwarders who work with each other to improve the excellence of freight, logistics, and customs brokerage services. These networks are strategically planned to allow smaller freight forwarders to compete in the global marketplace. As large-scale freight forwarders tend to govern the global shipping market.

The rationale behind this is to enable SME independent freight forwarders to compete with international players. Freight forwarding networks work closely with a range of businesses including carriers, customs brokers, warehouses, and freight forwarders to ensure that SME forwarders stand strong in a highly unpredictable and fast-moving marketplace.

Once you join these networks you become a part of a community and foster strong connections with other freight forwarding members. This allows you to utilize their wide range of resources to secure the best value for your importing and exporting clients.

To join a network, you need to undergo a screening process to check the financial stability, specifics of your organization, and a partner review process. This is to make sure you are credible enough to maintain a high level of trust among the members. And only after the approval of your application, and payment of the membership fee, your company details will be submitted to the network database profile. And will be accessible to all members. The costs to enter a network usually range between $1500 and $3000 per year.

It’s a bit of a lengthy and expensive process. But the benefits are worth it especially if you’re an SME freight forwarding company. On xChange, we have a number of vetted freight forwarders with whom you can network.

freight forwarding networks

Find the most reliable global freight forwarding networks on Container xChange

Container xChange partners with select freight forwarding networks to bring preferred access to the xChange platform to their network members. If you become a member of our partner networks you get access to our global equipment pool. Thus, increasing your flexibility. Members of our partner networks enjoy special benefits on our neutral online platform for container logistics. These include using SOC containers to avoid demurrage & detention charges.

But before we get into the benefits we offer to our network members, here’s the list of partner networks we have in our platform. If you’re looking for a network to join, why not consider one of our partners below:

MarcoPoloLine AG

MarcoPolo AG is an active group is always looking for new solutions to increase the business of members. They look for new reliable and professional partners in countries where they are not there yet. Their policy is to remain a medium-size network, in order to give the possibility to their partners to work with each other without too much competition.

Security Cargo Network

Security Cargo Network is a global alliance of international freight forwarders currently composed of 210 member companies operating 385 enrolled offices in 89 countries. Membership is restricted according to market size, and members are pre-screened and verified to be operationally competent and financially responsible.

Globalink Network

Globalink Network is built on the key truth; good relationships with great partners build good business.  They bring quality ranking tools, along with CRM capabilities built right into their directories, a mobile app, and a whole range of tools to enhance relationship building. They limit their membership to two slots for most countries to focus on quality and to foster growing relationships more effectively.

Conqueror Freight Network

Conqueror brings together carefully-selected freight forwarders in each major city who cooperate reciprocally and securely to expand their businesses, reduce costs and risks, and compete on more equal terms against the largest international companies. This network has been recognized and certified for its quality by the industry’s only recognized body of quality independent freight forwarder networks, the ELITE Association of Logistic Networks (ELITE).

After you become a part of one of our partner networks above, you get access to a host of offerings on our marketplace. These offerings can be beneficial to your business and help with your daily operations as a freight forwarder. Have a look at them below.

Vetted members

Our online marketplace has 1,5000+ vetted members. You can be certain that you’re only working with accredited suppliers. Because of our strict and mandatory vetting process that all members must go through before joining the platform. This way you can expand your professional network by getting to work closely with some of the biggest names in the sector such as Trident, SeaCube, and SecCo to name a few. You can also view the partners’ performance and reviews left by other members who’ve worked with them; before you make a deal. Knowing who you’re dealing with will be helpful in choosing the right partner for you.

Competitive prices for SOC containers

You can get competitive rates here with zero hidden fees. And thanks to our market price transparency, you can see these rates stated upfront and compare the rates and other terms and conditions to get the best deals. You can choose what you wish to pay for and not a cent more. We have 50,000+ SOC containers in 2,500+ locations worldwide. With SOCs, you lease containers from shippers and are under no obligation to pay demurrage and detention (D&D) charges to carriers. So, you avoid unexpected D&D costs.

We provide the best freight forwarding management software under one platform – Container xChange. To help you manage and automate your daily tasks such as sourcing containers at good rates, managing booking and references, invoicing and payments, container tracking, and getting all necessary shipping documents in one place. To find out more about how else our freight forwarding management software can help you, read this blog.

Apart from our partner networks, if you see the benefits we offer, we’re also a one-of-a-kind digital freight forwarding network of sorts.

Explore our marketplace by clicking the banner below to get the box you want, at the right price, and simplify your daily logistics operations.

Benefits of freight forwarder network

Working with a freight forwarding network offers some key benefits for your business.

1. Flexibility – Once you’re a part of the group you don’t have only one service provider or partner. You have a fleet of providers to choose from all around the world. This can help you choose the exact partner you want to use that suits your shipment the best. Also, a networked freight forwarder will be able to get you the best deals. For example: Whether you’re shipping via air freight, rail freight, or ocean freight, they’ll be able to source the best rates for the entire shipment. Plus advise you on the best type of shipment to go for.
2. Competitive pricing– Working with a freight forwarding network means your freight forwarder is able to get you the most competitive logistics service providers who deliver the most cost-effective services for you. Because they have connections with multiple partners in different countries, they’re able to scale the pricing they receive to guarantee you obtain the best costs for your shipping. Also, this way you’ll get global access to multiple partners yourself and build good relationships with them and build your network.
3. Professionalism and dependability– These networks thoroughly vet their members before letting them in, so rest assured. You’ll be working with credible members only. And that you’ll be able to rely on your partners to meet your deadlines, specifications, and expectations. High-quality service is guaranteed here.

Top freight forwarding networks to look out for

With so much already covered. We want to give you a look into the top freight forwarding networks to look out for; most of whom you’ll find on the xChange platform.

top freight forwarding networks

Use Container xChange to find top freight forwarding networks for your business

So, there you have it, the complete lowdown on top freight forwarding networks. We have everything for you under one platform. Top freight forwarding partner networks to join and get direct access to a neutral container marketplace that is integrated with the best digital freight forwarding management software.

Our digital management software helps you manage and automate your daily tasks. It increases efficiency and output by streamlining your entire freight forwarding process under one platform. Our freight forwarding management software has one purpose — to simplify your tasks.

Now you can be part of this community too on xChange. Click on the banner below to reach out to our team of experts who will help you contact reputable names in the freight forwarding business.

Freight forwarding networks: Common FAQs

What are freight forwarding networks?

Freight forwarding networks are reputable groups of freight forwarders who work with each other to improve the excellence of freight, logistics, and customs brokerage services. These networks are strategically planned to allow smaller freight forwarders to compete in the global marketplace. Since large-scale freight forwarders tend to govern the global shipping market.

What is the freight forwarding process?

The process of freight forwarding includes arranging the transportation of goods from one location to another. It includes arranging the pick-up, transport, and delivery of goods. As well as obtaining necessary paperwork and customs clearance to ensure the shipment is legally compliant.

What is a freight network?

A freight network is a fully connected freight marketplace that uses machine learning, automation, and other software services to efficiently connect shippers and carriers.

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