Are you wondering how digitalization helps international container search, as well as the world economy? This blog gives you a rundown of how digitizing your container logistics can be beneficial to you and the shipping industry as a whole. 

Whether you’re an established veteran, or fresh on the block in the industry, you understand the challenges that come with managing container logistics. From international container search and delays in shipments to tracking container movements and navigating complex documentation, it can be a daunting task.

Imagine you’re the owner of a successful coffee importing business called, Global Beans. Your company sources premium coffee beans from around the world and ships them in containers to your roastery. However, you’ve been facing persistent challenges with container loss, delays in shipments, and difficulty tracking container movements, which have been causing disruptions to your supply chain and impacting your business.

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You can easily access detailed information on your box’s whereabouts, ETAs, and any potential bottlenecks in the supply chain. This level of visibility and control empowers you to make more informed decisions, take corrective action in real-time and ensure smooth operations resulting in minimized disruptions.

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international container search

International container search: Benefits of digitalizing container logistics

Container tracking has become one of the most crucial aspects of the global supply chain network.

Knowing the status of containers in transit is critical to taking timely emergency decisions when needed. In case of unexpected delays or contingencies, being notified helps companies make necessary arrangements and avoid follow-up costs.

Efficient container tracking helps you maintain good customer relations. It also saves time, money, and resources for both container owners and users. As a container owner, it’s imperative to know where your containers are. That’s where the need for international container search comes in.

Below are some ways that digitalizing your container logistics can help with international container search: 

  • Real-time Tracking: Digital technologies, such as GPS or API tracking, can enable real-time tracking of containers. This allows you to have accurate and up-to-date information about the location, status, and condition of your containers.
  • Improved Visibility: Provides increased visibility into container movements by capturing and analyzing data related to container movements. This includes departure times, arrival times, and transit routes. 
  • Streamlined Documentation: Digitalization automates and streamlines documentation processes, such as bills of lading, customs declarations, and other paperwork associated with international container shipments. This reduces manual errors, delays, and paperwork redundancies.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Digital platforms and tools enable better collaboration and communication among different parties involved in international container logistics, including shipping lines, freight forwarders, customs brokers, and other stakeholders. 
  • Data-Driven Insights: Digitalization generates a large amount of data related to container movements, which can be analyzed to gain insights and optimize container search processes. For example, data analytics can help identify patterns, trends, and anomalies in container movements. This aids in locating containers more effectively.
  • Advanced Search and Analytics: Digitalization enables advanced search and analytics capabilities. So, you can search for containers based on various criteria, such as container number, booking number, vessel name, or port of loading/unloading. 

international container search

Streamline logistics operations with freight forwarding management software

In the dynamic world of logistics, where efficiency and precision are paramount, embracing innovative technologies is vital to achieving  success within the industry. One such game-changer is freight forwarding management software, a digital tool that revolutionizes the way logistics operations are conducted. 

Freight forwarding management on Container xChange streamlines the process of locating and procuring containers for freight transportation. By leveraging the platform’s digital capabilities, logistics professionals can efficiently search for available containers, negotiate rates, and manage the entire process seamlessly. This digitalization in the logistics industry enables real-time visibility, improves collaboration, and optimizes container utilization, ultimately enhancing operational efficiency and reducing costs for all stakeholders involved in freight forwarding.

Apart from this revolutionary software, the industry has undergone  some other changes as well  with regards to digitalization, the electronic Bill of Lading (e-BOL) being one of them, which we will discuss in detail in the next section. 

Paper bill of lading goes digital 

The paper bill of lading, which is a physical document that serves as evidence of a contract and receipt of goods in the shipping industry. With the advent of digital technologies and the increasing use of electronic documentation in global trade, the paper bill of lading is now digitized. It is commonly referred to as an electronic bill of lading (e-BOL) or a digital bill of lading.

The e-BOL offers significant benefits to international container search, including improved accuracy and timeliness of information, faster tracing and enhanced visibility. Not to mention heightened security, seamless data exchange, and mobile accessibility. These advantages make for more efficient container tracking processes, reduced delays, and improved operational performance in the shipping industry.

ETA and API in international track and trace

Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) and Application Programming Interface (API) are two terms commonly used in the context of international track and trace, which refer to different aspects of the process:

Refers to the estimated time at which a shipment or parcel is expected to arrive at its destination.  Refers to the set of rules and protocols that allow different software applications to communicate and exchange data with each other. 

Together, ETA and API facilitate the international track and trace process by providing accurate tracking information and enabling seamless data exchange between different stakeholders in the supply chain.

Manage your international container search efficiently with Container xChange

Managing your international container search and inventory might seem overwhelming when you’re a business owner. Remember your successful coffee importing business? Well, let’s imagine Global Beans is noticed by a very big celebrity who needs coffee exported to them ASAP. Your shipment goes out and is on its way to its destination, but along the way, there are some complications. 

Port congestion seems to be backing it up and causing delays, but you aren’t aware of this immediately because you aren’t tracking your box. You aren’t able to act fast enough to ensure the timely delivery of your product. You aren’t happy and neither is your client. 

However, if you joined with Container xChange, things may have worked out differently. Container xChange is a digital platform that provides container owners and users with a range of services related to container management. New and innovative features such as Container Control and tracking, along with the integration of APIs offer you enhanced visibility and control over your containers throughout the entire international shipping process.

Pro tip: With Container xChange’s cutting-edge container control and tracking features, you can take charge of your container inventory and gain real-time visibility into your shipments like never before. Stay in control of your containers throughout the international shipping journey, make informed decisions, and optimize your logistics operations. Say goodbye to uncertainties and hello to improved visibility and efficiency with Container xChange. Click the banner below to see for yourself! 


Common problems faced with international container search

As of 2020, the cargo traffic at important ports in India reached up to 704.82 million tonnes. Moreover, there’s a 5-6% expected growth in capacity addition at Indian ports by the year 2022. It indicates how the Indian Port Sector is continuously growing.

But, rising demands also mean greater difficulty faced by container owners in keeping track of all the shipments and containers.

  • Shipping companies may not have the adequate time and resources to facilitate efficient international container search for their customers.
  • There could also be an issue of limited end-to-end transparency between various stakeholders when it comes to tracking a shipment.
  • The lack of a standardized system made it a pesky deal to share real-time data with freight owners.

Thus, shipment traceability sometimes becomes difficult in the shipping industry.

Even when you’re trying to track self-owned containers, it leads to additional cost and effort needed to manage the backend processes. But… we’ve got the solution🚀

Digitalize international container search with our online container and freight tracking system

Container xChange is your go-to solution for seamless container management and international container search.

With us, you can easily search and book containers from a wide range of options that meet your requirements. Whether you need specific container types, sizes, or locations, our platform offers a comprehensive selection. Saving you time and effort in finding the right containers for your international shipments.

But that’s not all! Container xChange goes beyond just container search. Our platform also provides powerful container control and tracking features. You’ll have better visibility and control over your containers throughout the international shipping process. 

Monitor their movement in real-time, and get insights into their ETAs and other relevant details. This enables you to proactively manage your shipments, plan your logistics operations effectively, and make informed decisions to ensure smooth and efficient international container movements.

To top it off, our API integration options allow for seamless integration into your existing systems or applications. You can access our container search, control, and tracking features directly from the comfort of your home. Customize functionalities based on your unique business needs and automate processes for enhanced efficiency.

Don’t let the challenges of international container search slow you down! Join Container xChange and experience the convenience, visibility, and control you need for your container management and international shipping success. Click on the banner below and get started! 

international container search

International container search: Common FAQs 

How can containers be tracked internationally?

Containers can be tracked through automated container tracking systems such as GPS and API tracking online.

What are the benefits of international container search and tracking?

Efficient container tracking helps you maintain good customer relations as you can better predict the delivery date and maintain transparency. Container tracking also saves time, money, and other resources for both container owners and users.

Why is international container search and tracking important?

As a container owner, it becomes imperative to know where the containers are, and that’s where the need for international container search comes in